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What to talk about over the phone

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What to talk about over the phone

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Before calling, think about some topics that you know interest him. Discussing a movie he likes, a sport he plays, or a video game you now he plays are good ways to get him talking and to learn more about him. Maybe you are in class together and you need some help on an asment. You can write down a list of topics to go through, but don't rely on that too much. You want to make it casual and impromptu.

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Who has had the greatest impact on your life?

You want him to know that you are paying attention and that you want to keep talking. If you know wat other fairly well, saying hello and identifying yourself is usually sufficient. No one likes it when they spend the entire time on the phone and can't get a word in.

Never run out of ideas for what to talk about on the phone

For example, share if you feel tired, stressed from a long day, hungry and need to eat something, or if you don't have the attention span at that moment to have a lengthy 1-hour conversation versus a 5 to minute conversation. What was the last one tak read?

Accept the fact and find ways to move on. Do you have any tattoos? What are you proud of?

62 interesting things to talk about on the phone

This will help him learn about things going on in your life, and also give him the chance to feel needed and appreciated by you. Ask him things like "How did baseball practice go last night?

What were your past jobs like? This could also spark up the conversation on their plans for future places to travel, events they would like to attend, or places they would like to live.

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Are you neat or messy? When opportunity arises, does he jump on it or is he cautious?

What about you, do people find most attractive? And to get what you want in life, you have to know how to handle people.

Sometimes listening is best

He would probably love to hear what you have to say, just wait until the right time to give your response. If he were elected President, what changes would he make? What phonee your first car? You can make almost any conversation interesting if you are not afraid to openly share your unique perspective, personality and opinion.

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That way, when you feel yourself about to go silent, you can look at the topics and pick up the conversation again. You want to make it casual and impromptu. Come up with a topic or purpose for the call so there's less room for awkward silences and nervousness.

Ever had a one night stand? What movies have you watched more than once? Who is the strangest person he has ever met? Even if you already know a few, diving deeper into topics you may already have the answers will help you really learn about him. In fact, one of the most influential investors in the world says this his top interview whqt.

What local events are you looking forward to?

What to talk about on the phone

Try to give your undivided attention to the person on the other end of the phone, by minimizing distractions on your abuot such as talking to others in your presence or engaging in activities that create distracting or loud noises. This gets him talking about his interests and lets him know you noticed him.

After the initial pleasantries, explain why you called. What do you rate yourself as a kisser on a 1 to 10 scale?

Do you have any tattoos? What do you believe is true that most people would disagree with you on? Play an instrument?

If you noticed that your mind is starting to wonder and you are having difficulties paying attention, it could benefit to share with the other person that you will tslk them a call at a later time. Figuring Out What To Talk About On The Phone One of the differences between phone calls and face-to-face interactions is that you can't see the other person's expressions and body language over the phone.

Your session is about to expire!

You may freeze and wonder what to say, becoming ta,k embarrassed and frozen with the more time that passes without words being exchanged. Try to figure out a way to pick phoone the conversation before you hang up. With individual online therapy, you can your counselor anytime or day of the week, and schedule live video, phone, or text chat sessions. What does he feel is the most inconsiderate thing people get away with?