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My dick is craving some white meat

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My dick is craving some white meat

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As I left their house with the sexy vision of Rachel knotted to the beast imprinted on my mind, my pussy throbbed with the excitement of fucking their dog. My thoughts became consumed by the desire of fucking it. Not knowing his thoughts on bestiality, I knew I needed to be tactful. I decided to tell Tom later that night in bed, after we put our daughter Joy to sleep.

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Tammy noticed he had a video camera in the other hand.

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Rachel was watching serenely from a chair with Bowser at her feet, and Sara was off in the kitchen. Joe quickly took his place with his enormous cock. Master slid his fingers, on her somme. Part 5 - Here Cometh the Knot I was incredibly horny all week with excitement at the prospect of bringing my husband to fuck around with the neighbors that weekend. I grabbed a towel from the bathroom and laid down on the bed, spreading my tired legs. Her mouth, and pussy were stretched wide.

To my surprise, Bowser was meah there. He left my side and went back to Sara.

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I was getting very turned on by the thought of my sexy husband ing in on the dog sex experience I was craving. Happily, the Great Dane obliged, and she rubbed his big head and caressed his large, muscular body. Tom ran his fingers through her thick, dark hair and moaned at her fingers as they trailed lightly over his hard body and down to his crotch again. He had a few guys coming by, to see his new piece of white meat.

Also understand, I will share you with men, and women, whenever I please. Joe and Sara came in the back door and we could hear the dogs scamper in with them. I rubbed my cum-filled cunt as he laid on his back, cock deflating, and told him about the sexy neighbors and their invite for us to come play with them.

Just then Rachel stirred from the chair where she had passed out. He spread her legs while she stood there, so he could get at her hot, wet hole. That was even starting to turn her on a bit.

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Yeah, ohhhhh yeah! I just want to please you". The dog put wite head on my shoulder and thrust into me powerfully at a steady pace-- I loved the feeling of the German Shepherd weighing me down, straining to get as much of himself inside me as possible. She felt him slide two fingers in her, which made her grab onto his shoulders. She sat down on the couch next to Paul, and Joe helped the dog get in place behind Sara. After a minute he pulled out of my ass and my asshole made an obscene sucking sound as his dick left my guts.

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Joe stayed still while she came on his cock, which he was now able to get completely inside her. He thought about, how much fun it would be, to share her with his friends. I got off of Rachel and let Paul pound into dome with his eager prick while she was on her back on the table. He spit on her asshole and stuck a finger in deeply while fucking her pussy hard.

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Both Rachel and the dog were breathing hard with the intense fucking. The young blond was getting flushed already. He rammed his hard cock deep into her pussy, in one thrust. This sent chills through her, making her cum all over the cock, currently using her hole.

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Bowser was getting excited, his prick poking around, starting to look for a hole. Joe vigorously ate her pussy, making her scream and moan. Tammy was still laying in her juice, with cum dripping from her ass, and cunt. She wore no bra, and we could see hard nipples beneath the fabric of her dress. As I left their house with the sexy vision of Rachel knotted to the beast imprinted on my mind, my pussy throbbed with the excitement of fucking their dog.

Ddick was everything I'd ever craved: The huge swinging balls stimulating my cuntlips, the slick, hard as a rock prick, the powerful thrusting, the huge animal dominating me, making me his bitch, determined to knot me. They all said "Hell Yeah!! Bowser stood proudly panting, dangling his massive dripping meat in my face. She was afraid whoever was at the door would see her, but she obeyed. I moaned out with pleasure as he pounded me slowly and then picked up his pace.

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I jumped, but Rachel breathlessly said in between moans that it was probably just her niece and asked me to get the door. As soon as my orgasm subsided, Bowser began trying to pull himself out of me. His cold nose and warm breath on my pussy mound made my nipples harden; goosebumps broke out all My dick is craving some white meat my flushed skin. She moaned with all the male attention. Dog cum continued steadily dripping onto the blanket. Tammy did as she was told, with the other men standing next to the bed surrounding her.

Tom wrapped his arms around me and held me tight as I stood with my ass pressed against his crotch. When I left the men and Rachel outside and walked into the house to dry off, I saw Sara in the living room getting rammed by the dog, her face flat against the floor while she moaned heavily.

Joe saw the double penetration on the couch and stepped up to my face, sticking his cock in my mouth. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she knew, he also now, knew this. Tammy saw three black men come through the door. Her screams were muffled by the cock filling her mouth. Her pussy looked like it was bulging now.