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Membership status

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Membership status

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Enter a new status name into the Name field at the top of the Client Status screen. Click the Add New Client Status button. Click Client Statuses under the "Client Settings" section. Membfrship The client has an active membership on file.

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Refer to Creating Custom Fields for more details.

Unless it is altered manually it will never change from that first value. If your membership is eligible for renewal, you can click the Renew link to initiate the membership renewal process. Terminated: The client membershi an active contract, but it was terminated membership status the Details screen.

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The pop-up help screen gives examples of the relationship types to select for membersuip feature. Deceased: this status keeps a deceased contact's record in the system but removes the contact from all membership status communications. Active: Members are active if they have a current membership plan that they've either been granted or for which they or their company have paid.

Auto-renew: CiviCRM membership status an auto-renew functionality that will automatically submit a repeat transaction to the payment processor when the current membership expires. Related Topics Overview The membership status displays the current status of your memberships. Contacts need to renew in order to regain their Active Membership. Each organisation must already exist as a CiviCRM organisation contact.

Clients with a custom status will not be affected by the automated status system.

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With inherited memberships, we distinguish between the primary member and the members that inherit their membership due to their relationship with the primary member. Many organisations are only interested in modelling the memberships of one organisation their own organisation.

For example, a newly created membership will be ased the status "New" by default. This is not confirmation of your eligibility to vote in the leadership.

By default this lasts until 3 months after the membership start date. Click the Add New Client Status button.

If membership renewal has been initiated and the membership membership status in a pending state, this provides you with information about what happens next. A solid understanding of the options will help you decide on how many membership types your organisation needs and how they should be configured. If it is, it applies that status, if not it moves to the next status and repeats this process until it finds a status that matches.

The date is the date the contact first ed up for a membership with your organisation. They are still counted as a member.

For example, you may need to pay the membership bill or submit membership status before the membership can be approved, so be sure to read the instructions. If not, it looks at each status in turn starting at the top of the Status Rules until it finds membershi; that is valid.

Renewing contacts with a status that defines them as non-members get a new start date for their membership and membership status end date based on that new start date. Pay a Bill The Pay a Bill link is displayed if this membership has an outstanding invoice.

What is membership status?

However auto-renew memberships can only membership status offered for sgatus that have a duration discussed below of one year or less. By default the journey through membership statuses is as follows: Pending: someone who has requested membership but has not paid. If you are concerned, please contact for more information.

Note: This high-priority status will take precedence over your membership status status associated with any other memberships that may be on ; meaning, if a client has one active membership on and one associated with an expired credit card, then his or her status on the client's Info screen will be Declined. If you wish, you can sort your database by membership status to easily group the different memnership of members in your database.

Click the link if you want to pay your membership bill.

Member (client) statuses

To create a new status, you need to specify when the status should start and stop. It will not delete the membership data and the membership can be re-enabled at a membership status date. If this is a new membership, the message includes membershil. This in a Yes or No in the Member column on the status rules summary.

So let's first have a look at what these dates mean. Some organisations, with more complex membership structures, have requirements that go beyond what is available with membership types alone.

As might be expected, the current status lasts until the membership end date. In this instance you can just choose the default organisation.