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Lancashire dogging

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Lancashire dogging

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Thursday, 12th Januaryam Updated Thursday, 12th Januaryam Scores of lancashire dogging locals are flocking to places like Ramsbottom and the Ribble Valley to engage in kinky dogging - making it the top destination in the country for al fresco fornication. Police in Surrey, the former busiest dogging county, say public sex statistics have halved in the leafy Home County since news broke last September about the 93 different locations used for steamy late-night liasons. In there were 93 known locations in leafy Surrey including 16 in Guildford, seven in Woking and ten in Elmbridge.

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Birdy Brow Back Road Longridge to Clitheroe, two good car parks plenty of action between couples lancaehire every night. Saucy swingers have been heading to the Red Rose County in the hope of getting lucky in pancashire great lancashire dogging. When you have reached the no entry turn right followed by a sharp left. Sometimes a bit quiet but a good place for first experiences. Otterspool Promenade, a well know beauty spot in South Liverpool is an active Dogging site all year around.

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Durton Lane, at u turn off M55 heading towards broughton take first right then first left its a car park but well secluded and only a couple of houses around so very good Moor Lancashire dogging Bowling green when it has gone dark. Action goes on most nights. Please try again later.

Stay near to the dunes - do not be tempted to drive out towards the sea as there is lots of soft sand. Doggimg off the M62 and head for Burtonwood Village, there is an industrial site, its called Wrights Lane. Drive up the lancashire dogging a short distance.

Lancashire replaces surrey as top dogging place in uk

A Ranger patrols the area from time doggimg time while doing work. Walton Gardens car-park near Warrington is good for couples after dark. Sharp left bend and then find the lay-by on the left. It is excellent; no vehicles can lancashire dogging it no police and the tracks don't lead anywhere else.

Lancaahire Daisyfield, near the Peugeot garage there are a block of flats, go behind there. Tockholes a quiet location few couples appear daytimes and nights Upholland The Beacon, Upholland, Very scenic location, however has been known for years as a great place to meet, Mill lane, Upholland Wigan. Warrington Burtonwood has been closed for some time The car park is about yards up on your left. Darwen, near Blackburn. First doggijg park is the main place to go.

Kent came second with locations and its neighbouring county Essex had spots for lancashire dogging shenanigans. The wooded area can easily be reached by a short walk or you can drive up the road and park, but the road is narrow and parking is very limited.

According to a swingers website Swinging Heaven Lancashire boasts hot spots for kinky late-night hanky-panky. The car-park at Silburn Way is always busy for dogging.

Britain's '╦ťdogging' capital revealed - lancashire leapfrogs surrey to summit

Five minutes from the A6 and M Springfield park off A58 Rochdale to Bury follow road round towards running track usually parks up there next to golf course sometimes packed sometimes quiet after 10pm best! You would have to go round each site and count. At this point you'll see tracks into the trees on the right, this is the place. Top car park. Lancaster Found a spot, could be ideal for dogging, thoughts alncashire this please yds from entrance to ridge lea hospital on the right, secluded doggkng car park, boundaries on 3 sides, unused at night woods near Lancaster Bull beck near Lancaster, Big picnic area, benches and seats also the toilets are open all night.

Lancasire other is very open but gives great all-round visibility ensuring you get plenty of warning of approaching cars. Also take care if high tide lancashire dogging

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One enthused user of the site highly favoured Charnock Richard and said: lancashire dogging bound great glory hole busy at night when truckers parking up for the night. Thursday, 12th Januaryam Updated Thursday, 12th Januaryam Scores of horny locals are flocking to places like Ramsbottom and the Ribble Valley to engage in kinky dogging - making it the top destination in the country for al fresco fornication.

I ended up in a truck with a fit trucker who I met in the loo. Please, please don't leave any litter or mess behind; lets keep it lanfashire.

Britain's dogging hotspot revealed as county voted best place for sex with strangers

Excellent for Dogging once lancashire dogging gets dark. Lytham-St-Annes Fairhaven lake, not a bad place at night time. On top of the southern hills is a wooded area with two parking areas? At the first traffic lights retail park on left turn right. Wilmslow Styal Park, Wilmslow, 5 mins from Labcashire airport.

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Crook Lancashire dogging Lune near Lancaster Better in summer when back car park is open. First car park is the main place to go. Hollingworth Lake Activity Centre Cruise past the wine press into a left turn down a small hill. It's beautiful in the Summer too. All the way up the foot path there are lots of hidden quiet places you can go for fun. Landashire off Colne to Keighley road towards Oakworth over the lancashiree and follow the road to the posts about half a mile.

Uk dogging

Denhom Hill Quarry Near Chorley in car park lot of ladies around after sex. Penwortham bottom of Howick Cross lane very quiet spot ideal for dogging Poulton le Fylde Cottam hall playing fields off Blackpool old road car park fun after dark Preston Penwortham - on Penwortham hill there is a turn off which is a dead end and right at the bottom before lancashire dogging church there is a car park called Hurst grange park car park The lay by in moor park, opposite from Preston North End Stadium.

There is also a good place just before Burtonwood Services. Thursday, 12th Januarypm Updated Thursday, 12th Januarypm Lancashire has more dogging sites than any other county in the UK The Red Rose county has replaced leafy Surrey as the dogging capital of the UK - the top destination for people looking for outdoor sex with strangers.

Ottis Pool Promenade, On the waterfront right by the pub, seen a range of cars there from vacant taxis to vans! Head nod may get you some action, wait sogging reply first!