The “Boring” Makeup Product French Women Over 50 Will Never Stop Using

Ah, the French. Our obsession with the tête-to-pied aesthetic of French women is well documented here on Who What Wear. Because unlike trend-focused Americans who are constantly on the hunt for the next It bag or skincare quick fix, French women are known for their classic, effortless beauty and fashion vibes. They stick with the simple, chic things they know while remaining perfectly blasé about what’s cool for now. This is especially true for French women over the age of 50—women like actress Isabelle Huppert, former French first lady and model Carla Bruni, and Vogue Paris editor in chief Emmanuelle Alt, who manage to gracefully age like (pardon the cliché) a fine bottle of Bordeaux. Ugh, how we aspire to the French woman’s approach to getting older…

A recent conversation with Marie-Laure Fournier, president of Fournier PR + Consulting, inspired us to put together the following shopping list of the makeup products French women over 50 swear by. “A French women at 50 years old is magnifique, self-confident, and has nothing to prove to anyone anymore—and she shows it,” Fournier told us. “Her makeup is sophisticated but also adapted to her needs and her image. Basically, at 50 years old, a French woman completely understands that when it comes to makeup, less is more.”

So even though the following makeup products may not exactly be revolutionary in the beauty space, they’re the ones French women of a certain age will never part with. Keep scrolling for these holy-grail French lipsticks, eyeliners, and more.

American beauty shop aisles are chockablock with dozens and dozens of gimmicky new mascaras, but for French women of a certain age, choosing what to use on their lashes is easy: “The favorite Mascara that French women at 50 years grew up with and are still faithful to is Dior, of course,” says Fournier. And only ever two or three coats. 

Guerlain’s iconic bronzer formula is loaded with moisturizing properties, making it perfect for maturing skin, which requires extra hydration. “Nothing will ever replace Guerlain Terracota Bronzer,” says Fournier. “Guerlain still is the one bronzer that all French women go for.”

Lipstick is arguably the single most important product in every French woman’s makeup arsenal, no matter her age. And red lipstick is everything. “At 50 years old, you can still love your red lipstick, but you need to re-think the color of the red lipstick depending on your skin tones and your teeth colors,” Fournier explains—and French women understand this. So many opt for reds on the berry side of the spectrum. “At 50 years old, you go to Armani or Chanel,” Fournier adds. “These are sure value.”

“Obviously, we have to talk about YSL Touche Eclat, which is as normal to wear in France as it is to have a café at the end of a meal,” says Fournier. “’Garçon, un Touche Eclat, s’il vous plaît, bien serré.‘” The classic brightening pen adds subtle luminosity to the face without any glitter or sparkle—just glowy hydration with the help of intensely skin-quenching ingredients like ruscus extract, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin E.

“The eye shadows will always be Chanel,” Fournier affirms. Especially in subtly shimmery browns, golds, and champagnes, which can easily take you from day to night.

Second to lipstick, eyeliner (or crayon pour les yeux) is the second most crucial ingredient in the French woman’s makeup repertoire. “The only change that a French woman makes when she is in her 50s is the color,” says Fournier. “At 50, you might use black for a special evening and a brown or olive for everyday. A brown or olive crayon eye pencil will give you a softer look.” Lancôme, By Terry, and especially Yves Saint Laurent make the most beloved eye pencils.

Not a makeup product per se, but Fournier says that we can’t talk about French women’s makeup without mentioning nail polish. Younger French girls like to match their nail color to their lip color, while those over 50 tend to go a more practical route. “French women love to have their own nail polishes and their go-to is Dior,” says Fournier, adding that French women who want a cleaner, greener option might go for polishes by chic, 85% natural brand Kure Bazaar.

Next up: A French girl walks into a drugstore—here are the beauty products she buys.

I Wear Leggings 4 Times a Week—These Are the Shoes I Recommend

I force myself to work out four times a week and only wear leggings to do so, so I consider myself somewhat of an aficionado when it comes to what shoes to wear with leggings. While I applaud those who experiment with the ways they style the wardrobe staple, when I’m getting ready for a 7 a.m. workout, I prefer to stick to the shoes that I know will look good with every type of leggings. (As a side note, these aren’t necessarily the shoes I work out in. Most of the classes I take are done barefoot or with spin shoes or athletic sneakers.)

The three shoe styles I swear by all have a few things in common: They’re flat, comfortable, easy to get on and off, and they look polished enough for post-workout errands. While some of these may seem a bit obvious, there are specific reasons I swear by them and specific styles that I prefer within each category. Keep reading for all my legging-shoe insight and to shop the three styles that are perfect with leggings (and shop leggings that would look cool with all of them).

When the weather is warm enough, I relish in getting to wear slide sandals with my leggings. Any casual, flat style will do, but I’m most partial to pool slides, as they’re especially comfortable and lend a sporty feel to my legging outfits.

On me: Re/Done x Solid & Striped hoodie; Beyond Yoga Spacedye Take Me Higher Long Leggings ($97); Gucci Pursuit Slides ($480)

Loafers are probably the most versatile shoe style that I own. They look just as cool with a minidress as they do leggings. The key is to steer clear of loafers that have “fancy” characteristics like embellishment or metallic leather. Classic black loafers look best with leggings.

On me: Gucci Jordaan Loafers ($730)

Of course sneakers and leggings go together, but there are certain types of sneakers that I prefer to wear with leggings. If a workout requires athletic sneakers, I usually stick to Nike Free RN or Roshe Ones. When I’m not working out, I love the convenience of slip-on sneakers, polished styles like the ones that Veja and Common Projects make, and It styles by classic brands (e.g., Nike, Adidas, and Reebok).

On me: Vault by Vans OG Classic Slip-On Sneakers ($80)

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has been updated.

Fashion Girls Are Into These 4 Makeup Trends Right Now

Welcome to #WhoWhatWearing, a series in which we highlight you, our stylish community of readers. Each of the following looks came straight from a photo you tagged us in on Instagram. Want to be featured next time? You guessed it: Use #WhoWhatWearing on the outfit posts you want us to see. 

Fashion girls are our main source of style inspiration for obvious reasons. But more and more, we’ve started turning to them for things like how to style our hair, how to decorate our apartments and homes, and now we’re adding one more reason to scroll through the feeds of our favorite fashion influencers: how to do our makeup.

They know all too well that a swipe of lipstick, some bright eyeshadow, or even a strong brow can take your overall look from 0 to 100 just as easily as any of your accessories can. Which exact makeup looks are they favoring at the moment? We scoured Instagram and found four overarching trends they’re all into right now. From the subtle new shade of red lipstick that will quickly update any look to the bold eyeliner trend that’s so photogenic, these makeup looks are making the rounds in the fashion world—and we have a feeling you’ll want to try them all.

If you do find yourself inspired, we’ve got you covered with the key products you’ll need to test out each new trend for yourself.

You hardly need to be on the level of a makeup artist to nail this look. Simply smudge a bright shade of your choosing all over your lids and keep the rest of your face neutral to let your lids have a moment. Bonus points if your eye shadow matches your outfit.

You might have a black cat eye down pat, but try replacing your black liner with an unexpected shade like white or blue to take your nighttime look to another level.

Down-to-earth brows are a bubbling beauty trend for 2019. Defined by fluffy, messy-looking brow hairs, this look is easily accomplished in a few steps involving a brow brush and some gel for hold.

There’s no question that red lips are a classic beauty look, so to make the timeless look feel a bit more fresh, fashion girls are opting for deeper shades like earthy, warm-toned red and reds that skew a little bit brown.

Next, the fashion girls you need to follow for home décor inspo, too.

I Hand-Pick Thousands of Beauty Products for Work—Here’s What I’d Buy With $145

As the loyal Who Who Wear reader that you are, you’re likely already well-versed on how much we love (and shop!) Revolve’s covetable fashion offerings. But, as you may or may not have noticed, the retailer also has a pretty badass beauty department that’s chock-full of products and brands that make even our nitpicky beauty editors (ahem, me) go ham with shopping fever. Even more exciting? As of today, Revolve will now carry our clean, affordably priced sister skincare line Versed

To help celebrate the launch (and to get your beauty shopping juices flowing), we asked Revolve’s beauty buyer, Kandice Hansen, to share what beauty products (including Versed and non-Versed products) she’d purchase with $150. You’re curious, right? After all, it’s in her job description to sift through and hand-select all the best beauty picks to reside on Revolve’s website, so Hansen knows a thing or two about choosing an epic beauty product.

Then, just because I love shopping (and feel I have some helpful knowledge as product obsessive beauty editor), I’ve gone ahead and played the game, sharing the six products I’d use within the same $150 budget bandwidth. Ahead, 12 game-changing beauty products a Revolve beauty buyer and Who What Wear beauty editor would purchase this second from Revolve. Keep scrolling—your glowing summer skin awaits.

“I’m a vitamin C STAN—I’ve noticed such a difference in my skin’s brightness, evenness, and texture since adding it into my routine. I love that this is in a powder form, which helps maintain the potency while allowing you to mix it with the products you already love in your current regimen.”

“Washing my face is my favorite part of the da,y and I’m completely obsessed with this cleanser for both morning and night. It’s gentle and effective, and it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed without that tight feeling. It’s basically the perfect cleanser.”

“This will change your life! I’ve gotten so many friends and colleagues hooked on this product. It gives the perfect lightweight coverage, a little goes a long way so it lasts for months, and every time I wear this, I get so many compliments on my glow.”

“This is a cult favorite for two reasons: It’s super gentle on your lashes and gives the perfect natural curl. Use it alone or with use it before your mascara. It’s worth the investment.”

“GAME CHANGER. This is one of those hero products that you can count on for instant results when your skin is misbehaving. I love the travel-friendly packaging and how clean the ingredients are. It’s a must-have for those mornings after a little too much fun.”

“I firmly believe that there are few things better than a full glass of water and good face mist to get you through the mid-day slump. I love this rosewater, I keep it on my desk for whenever I need a pick me up.”

I’m a self-proclaimed eye cream junkie, and it takes a lot to impress me at this point. (I have over 27 formulas sitting at home, after all!) That said, this brightening formula from Versed has truly knocked my perpetually skeptical socks off. It has an all-star roster of ingredients complete with niacinamide, ginseng root extract, and vitamin C for brightening in addition to wrinkle erasers like caffeine. I’m more dependent on it than my morning cup of coffee. 

Speaking of beauty product obsessions—lip treatments. I’m obsessed with lip treatments! This slick baby tube is actually a lip oil and is my newest obsession. (Bye, balms and glosses!) Not only is it the most adorably packaged tube I own, but it’s also filled to the gills with clean, hydrating, and conditioning assets like vitamin E and a sleek AF blend of camelia, jojoba, sesame, and sunflower oils. 

With the coming of summer also comes the arrival of ingrown hair season. I’m currently in the process of getting my bikini area completely lasered (read all about it here!), and this chic little bottle from Fur has been my saving grace in between my appointments. 

I go through Beautyblenders ridiculously fast, so this sunny new shade now available on Revolve is a no-brainer. (Nothing will make your foundation look as flawless!)

When it comes to face creams and moisturizers, my skin can’t handle anything overly rich or oil-laden. (It’s prone to breakouts and claustrophobia.) Thus, it’s no surprise this dewy gel-cream hybrid is one of my A+ faves from Versed. It has everything you want from a moisturizer, like soothing, hydrating fares à la hyaluronic acid, green tea, and aloe, and nothing you don’t. (Check out the ingredients you’ll never find in Versed products, here.)

Onomie flies under the radar in the beauty realm, but its skincare and makeup hybrids are so dang good. The creamy lip and cheek sticks are all my all-time favorite and an essential summer packing item.  Next up: 11 Compelling Reasons to Shop Our New Sister Skincare Line, Versed

The 16 Items It Girls Always Wear to the Airport

Comfort always comes first while traveling. No matter how stylish an airport outfit may be, if it’s even the least bit restricting or uncomfortable, it’s likely that you’ll regret wearing it on an international (or even cross-country) flight. That’s why our rule is as follows: If an outfit won’t allow you to sit comfortably for hours at a time without fidgeting and counting the minutes until arrival, then it’s not the right outfit. Similarly, if an outfit won’t allow you to comfortably, albeit stressfully, speed walk through a major airport due to a last-minute gate change, then it’s not the right outfit (because traveling almost never goes according to plan) either.

Luckily, comfort and style aren’t mutually exclusive, which world-traveling celebrities have proven time and time again. Influencers like Chiara Ferragni, Aimee Song, and Danielle Bernstein have also proven that, and it’s high time we get them the props they deserve for putting together expert-level airport outfits. Keep scrolling to see the 16 items It girls always wear to the airport.

Mega-blogger Chiara Ferragni is constantly jet-setting around the globe, particularly between Italy and the U.S. Her expert airport style is exemplified by this comfortably chic outfit, which consists of sneakers, white denim culottes, and a baby blue T-shirt. It’s so simple yet casually elegant, too.

Here’s another one of Ferragni’s best airport outfits. She pairs a sleek pair of black skinny jeans with a graphic tee and a leather jacket. It’s casual, it’s comfortable, and it’s rock ‘n’ roll chic. 

It girl Aimee Song knows the equation for the perfect airport outfit. A blazer and bike shorts make up a functional and fashionable travel outfit that’s fit for all the warm summer days ahead.

It’s no secret that we love a good monochromatic outfit, and Song’s matching neutral-toned jacket and joggers are no exception. It looks both insanely cool and insanely comfortable.

Overalls are so comfortable and so low-maintenance, which makes them the ideal airport outfit. Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What wears a summery gingham print. The exact pair she’s wearing is currently sold out, but luckily there are other similar pairs we can shop. 

Another airport outfit, another black leather jacket. We love how Bernstein paired hers with black skinny jeans (just like Ferragni’s aforementioned outfit), as well as a black wide-brimmed hat. The hat might not be super comfortable to wear while in the close quarters of a plane, but it will disguise messy travel-day hair while you’re walking around the airport. 

Camila Coelho rolls up to the airport wearing a teddy coat over a cropped hoodie and black sweatpants. It’s an extremely glamorous yet comfortable airport outfit. 

For a lightweight airport outfit, try Coelho’s cropped tee and oversize joggers combo. Note the iconic Dior tote bag, which every fashion It girl loves to use as a carry-on.

Next, the $7 Amazon buy that gets on editor so many compliments. 

The Woman Behind Hollywood’s Favorite Meal Delivery Service

Welcome to Second Life, a podcast spotlighting successful women who’ve made major career changes—and fearlessly mastered the pivot. Hosted by Hillary Kerr, co-founder and chief content officer at Who What Wear, each episode will give you a direct line to women who are game changers in their fields. Subscribe to Second Life on iTunes, and stay tuned. We’ll be releasing new episodes on Mondays.

As far as meal delivery services go, none come close to being as stylish (yes, food can be stylish) and adored by the celebrity set as Sakara Life. Sakara is an organic plant-based meal delivery program that sources fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients that heal, transform, and deliver lasting results. Whitney Tingle is a wellness entrepreneur, healthy living expert, and the co-founder and co-CEO of Sakara Life. 

Since Tingle and business partner Danielle DuBoise founded the company in 2012 on just $700 they raised at a dinner party, it’s become a nationwide success with one million (and counting) meals served and a celebrity following that includes Chrissy Teigen,  Gwyneth Paltrow, Lily Aldridge, and  Kate Hudson. They also launched a Clean Boutique, with Sakara-branded supplements, snacks, and teas. 

But this is Second Life, so you know Tingle didn’t go straight from the University of Arizona to becoming a wellness trailblazer. Tingle’s first job was on Wall St.—at Merrill Lynch, where she planned to become a financial advisor. She later got a job at a financial technology startup before eventually deciding to partner with best friend and holistic health coach DuBoise to start Sakara. 

Head to iTunes and subscribe to Second Life to listen to this episode and find out what prompted Tingle to start Sakara Life, plus how she turned the dream into a reality.

Next up, hear about the fascinating career of the founder and CEO of Parachute.

The 13 Most Fire Beauty Looks From the MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet

The MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet is where we look for fresh, daring, youthful beauty looks (as opposed to the classic makeup and hair we see at the Oscars or the chic, avant-garde stuff we expect from the Met Gala). This year, models, actors, and recording artists stepped out onto the carpet in fun, sometimes experimental summer looks we can’t wait to try ourselves. We saw a lot of vibrant, one-tone eye shadow (think greens, purples, and magentas), as well as slick hairstyles and breezy bobs. All in all, the 2019 MTV Awards red carpet screamed bold and colorful but also super simple—and we are all about that.

There were 13 looks, in particular, that really caught our eye—unique, beautifully executed hair and makeup on celebs like Kiernan Shipka, Lana Condor, Jada Pinkett Smith, and more. Keep scrolling for our MTV Movie & TV Awards red carpet faves.

Model Barbie Ferreira’s thicc magenta cat eye and slick bob are so perfectly on trend for summer 2019.

Men in Black: International star Tessa Thompson basically won 2019 with her bold purple eye shadow and imposing hair rolls, accompanied by a waterfall of fluffy, natural curls. We are not worthy.

Okay, Kiernan! Loving the darker auburn hair color and sleek winged liner on our favorite teenage witch.

Long, separated lashes; a mauve lip; and long, sleek, middle-parted lengths make actress Lana Condor an actual queen. And those dangly charm earrings? Obsessed.  

Five Feet Apart star Haley Lu Richardson has such an effortless beauty aesthetic. We love the pairing of an easy, tousled ponytail and an unexpected gray-green smoky eye. 

Excuse me, Cher? Is that you? We never tire of a ’70s-inspired red carpet look, so we’re all over The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil’s mile-long, teased hair and mermaid-green shimmery eye. 

A simple cat eye and super-short platinum crop make Jada Pinkett Smith look like a futuristic badass. Can you believe this heavenly being is 47 years old? Goals.

Twenty-one-year-old Assassination Nation actress Maude Apatow is looking very grown-up (and a little vampire-chic) with dark eye makeup and a red lip against her fair complexion.

Truly inspired by model Hunter Schafer’s geometric teal eye shadow and elfin hairstyle. Huge creativity points here.

Aubrey Plaza opted for a more traditional smoky eye and pinky-nude lip paired with a fresh, youthful ponytail—and we’re not mad at it.

The subtle white eyeliner in TV actress Madeleine Arthur’s waterline makes her already-huge, gorgeous eyes look even bigger and brighter. 

A Wrinkle in Time star Storm Reid looks just about ready to take over the world in this androgynous look: bold braids and minimal makeup paired with her stunning embroidered suit.

A soft silver eye, pink lip, and loose waves juxtapose with Elisabeth Moss’s terrifying Handmaid’s Tale aesthetic.  Want more beauty coverage? Next: The “Boring” Makeup Product French Women Over 50 Will Never Stop Using

Victoria Beckham Broke the Traditional Wedding Guest Rule People Are Split Over

As far as wedding guest outfit “rules” go, there is perhaps no greater one than not to wear white (no explanation needed), but are there exceptions to that rule? Victoria Beckham seems to think there are. The Beckhams attended the wedding of soccer star Sergio Ramos and Pilar Rubio in Spain over the weekend, and she opted to wear a somewhat controversial white dress. But it was a chain-printed white dress, which she paired with hot-pink satin pumps—both of which she designed for her namesake label. (Fun fact: Meghan Markle wore a Victoria Beckham dress in the same print back in March.)

Despite the common consensus that it’s best for guests to avoid wearing the color white so as not to compete with the bride’s dress, there is actually quite a bit of division on the topic if the dress is printed, as Beckham’s is. In fact, our editor in chief, Kat Collings, recently took an Instagram Story poll asking her followers if it was okay to wear a white dress to an upcoming wedding since it had a print, or if the fact that it was still a white dress make it a big no? As you’ll see below, the poll participants were divided on the matter. In Beckham’s case, do her hot-pink heels make the dress more acceptable?

It will probably always be a gray area, but there’s no denying that Beckham looked incredibly chic at the high-profile wedding. See for yourself below, and shop white dresses that could potentially be wedding guest–appropriate.

On Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham dress and shoes

Next up, see what Anna Wintour wore to her daughter’s BFF’s wedding.

This Holy Grail Pair of Jeans Has Been a Cult-Favorite for Over 40 Years

It’s hard to believe that a woman whose life spanned nearly the entire 20th century and who loved and lost at the uppermost echelons of society could be credited with introducing something so seemingly mundane into the mainstream, but such is the legacy of the magnificent Gloria Vanderbilt, who died today in New York City at the age of 95.

If you look down (or perhaps check the items in your online shopping cart), odds are there is a pair of jeans to be found. According to Vanessa Friedman’s tribute in The New York Times fashion section, this is due in large part to the ingenuity of Gloria Vanderbilt, socialite, artist, author, and, yes, the first “celebrity” to lend her moniker to a pair of previously perfunctory work pants. Although she lacked formal design training, according to Friedman, Vanderbilt “was unsnobby enough, and smart enough, and had been in [Vogue] enough, to see the opportunity” in the denim industry, ushering in a sleek-yet-sturdy staple to the silhouette of women’s wardrobes in the 1970s, and even outselling powerhouses including Calvin Klein, Jordache, and Sasson by the end of the decade.

Propelled by cheeky advertisements, smart product placement, and her own celebrity endorsement, it’s hardly a surprise that the exact style of Gloria Vanderbilt’s designer denim—high waisted, slightly bootcut with a bit of stretch—is still popular today. What is surprising, however, is how few people know that this piece of fashion history is just a footnote on the life of an American icon.

So, the next time you slip into your favorite pair of jeans, pause and give thanks to the “poor little rich girl” who made stretch denim an integral part of the American woman’s wardrobe.

And, because you can never truly have enough jeans, we’ve rounded up the 17 best-selling pairs of stretchy, high-waisted, and bootcut denim on Who What Wear for you to shop below:

Upgrade your everyday pair with A+ accessories. 

Lean into that ’70s silhouette by going slightly oversized with a punch of plaid and a pair of hoops. 

Keep it simple with a tucked-in turtleneck, gold pendants, and bright white boots. 

Swap basic boots for baller heels and a feminine tank. 

Try the tie-dye trend for a low-key retro vibe. 

Clearly, this look is the crème de la crème. 

Paired with a classic ringer tee, this outfit is simple, but so ’70s. 

And as all denim lovers know, you can never go wrong with a Canadian Tuxedo. 

Need more denim to go with that denim? Done:

17 Affordable Denim Jackets to Wear With Literally Everything
The Only Denim Trends You Should Spend Money on This Summer
Move Over, Skinny Jeans—This New Denim Trend Is Better Than All the Rest

This Random Sandal Trend Is Blowing Up at Zara

When Zara goes all in on a trend, we tend to pay close attention. After all, the retailer is always one of the first to stock up on the coolest emerging trends of the moment, making its selection one worth stalking on the regular. That’s exactly what I was doing in its sandal section this morning when I was overwhelmed by one detail I kept seeing over and over on the majority of sandals I scrolled past: buckles.

Yes, you read that right. I’m calling this sandal trend random because, quite frankly, I haven’t seen or heard anyone else talking about buckle details on shoes at all this season. Yet Zara seems to think that it’s a trend to know—or why else would it be offering so many options? From strappy kitten heels to animal print and espadrilles, buckle details are adorning so many sandals at Zara that it has us reconsidering our go-to styles.

To see what I mean, keep reading to shop all the buckled sandals on the site right now.

Next, see which were the three most popular fashion items of the month.

This Is Officially the Coolest Country to Buy Your Swimwear From

As the summer months quickly approach and vacations are booked, there’s probably one thing on your mind—swimwear. If you’re a major swimwear connoisseur, it can often feel like once you’ve seen one style, you’ve seen them all. That’s why we’re here to tell you about the one country that does swimwear its own way: Australia.

Recently, while doing some research for a cool-girl Aussie-brand story, I found myself overwhelmed by the number of stylish swimwear labels I was coming across. You know those moments when you find something so good you need to share it with everyone you know? That’s exactly how I felt as I came across brand after brand churning out incomparable swimwear designs.

Since Australia is probably one of the most-pinned warm-weather destinations in your Pinterest feed, it should come as no surprise that the girls there don’t go trotting around in an average bikini. No—they’re wearing swimsuits from brands you’ve never heard of until now. Here, get ready to be overwhelmed by 13 of the best Australian swimwear brands we fell in love with instantly. Whether you’re in the market for a striking one-piece or a barely-there bikini, we apologize in advance for how many swimsuits you’re about to buy.

Scroll down to read all about the 13 Australian swimwear brands you need to know and shop our favorite suit from each.

“[Bāmba] is an Australian swimwear label designed by a small team of creatives who grew up along the coastal borders of the Western Australia. [The line is] inspired by the ’80s, which birthed a generation of empowered women who showcased the true meaning of comfort in their own skin. With an understanding of the female body in all forms, Bāmba is designed to incorporate the high-rise, cheeky cuts, and bold colors to accentuate your assets. The ’80s minimal aesthetics have been tailored for the modern Bāmba bombshell.”Bāmba

“We felt the swimwear market lacked a label that was simplistic but sophisticated, so high-quality fabrications and beautifully tailored patterns became our focus. We design swimsuits that create support from their construction and are functional from day to night.” — Fella designers Rosie Iffla and Christine Tang

“Made for the sun, the salt, and the sea, Zulu & Zephyr is an Australian lifestyle brand [and] an independent, boutique label, owned and operated by a small team of creatives. [Product can be] found exclusively in Australian and international boutiques.” Zulu & Zephyr

If you’re in the market for a bright, unique, and head-turning suit, Triangl should be your number one shopping destination. From cutout one-pieces to floral bikinis, this brand has every shape imaginable at prices you’ll definitely be drawn to.

“Growing up with long sun-drenched summers on the coast of Western Australia and memories of playing in her mother’s swimwear closet, designer Dakota Gilbert was always drawn to create and chase the sun. After spending a number of years working in the fashion industry in Australia and London and adventuring through ocean-loving cultures around the world, Dakota returned home to Western Australia with the vision to create a luxe swimwear line the world hadn’t seen before. Known for its fusion of sleek designs, its mix of quality fabrics, and most recently its embellishments, Skye & Staghorn has cemented itself as a leader in the swimwear industry both locally and abroad.” Skye & Staghorn

“A nomad at heart, who appreciates the concept of minimal luxury, Chloe Dunlop (creator) seeks inspiration for every collection through her experiences traveling the globe. From Morocco to India, and back to the brand’s initial roots in Bali, Chloe’s journeys are about connecting with exotic, remote, and foreign cultures. She finds treasures in native colors, landscapes, textiles, and textures, all contributing to the uniqueness within her line.” — She Made Me

Zimmermann creates some of the most beautiful, perfectly bohemian, and consistently one-of-a-kind swimsuits. Although these might be a bit of a splurge, we can guarantee you’ll keep yours for a lifetime, as the styles are always strikingly classic.

“Palm focuses on creating unique, luxurious swimwear with a timeless appeal. Dedicated to modernizing the classic swimsuit, we aim to create beautiful, simple-lined pieces that encapsulate subtlety and understated elegance. Every suit is made in luxurious Italian fabrics, which provide exceptional shape retention, chlorine-resistance, and UV protection.” — Palm

“Rye was founded in May 2015 by founding partners Alyssa Carter and Bonnie O’Hare. The brand’s essence is Life, Sunny Side Up. An optimistic fun-loving attitude that’s colorful, spontaneous, and uniquely Australian. The central theme of the design is the juxtaposition of color. Unexpected, irreverent combinations that imbue an irresistible summer mood. Rye follows the sun to deliver swimwear, fashion, and accessory collections for the summer and resort calendar.”Rye

“Matteau Swim was created to be the subtle swimsuit. The one you reach for to feel confident and at ease by the water. Simple, comfortable, and uncomplicated, our styles are focused on fit and shape to be flattering and firm. The brand stands for classic style and simplicity above all else. Tastefully created to enhance and support the modern woman, our motivation was to reduce the bathing suit to its bare essentials and create a calm, assured aesthetic.” Matteau

“Established in 2013, the Australian powerhouse and swimwear label Frankie Swimwear has become an international household name in the swimwear industry. Founded by bikini connoisseur and fashion fanatic Rebecca Klodinsky, Frankie Swimwear’s luxurious textiles and classic cuts have attracted a cult following with the likes of Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid regularly sporting the label. By meticulously re-engineering the basic bikini, the label has single-handedly created a legion of loyal followers, with an undeniable need for high-quality, well-structured swimwear.”Frankie Swimwear

“Born out of a lifelong love affair with the ocean, boutique Australian swimwear label Peony fuses bohemian nostalgia with refined femininity to create swimwear made for chasing the sun. Effortless feminine style forms the philosophy behind the brand, which is inspired by summer’s simple joys—diving into the ocean, the smell of coconut oil, the feeling of sand under bare feet, and the first bloom of peony flowers, which signal the beginning of summer.” Peony

Next up, shop the summer sandal trend we’re loving right now

Who What Wear’s Most Stylish Moms Share What They’re Buying From Target

Last year I became a first-time mom, which has been the most magical, challenging, blissful, emotional, tender, exhausting, and joyous experience of my whole life (and there are plenty more adjectives to describe this extraordinary time!). But juggling work life and mom life has unquestionably been a demanding job in itself, and certain activities that I would spend a ridiculous amount of time on pre-baby—read: hours doing my hair, makeup and changing my outfit 10 times before I left the house—are simply not possible anymore.

We moms run on short time, and dressing for any occasion—be it for work or a weekend brunch—needs to take zero effort and time yet still make a stylish impact. You don’t lose your innate personal style when you become a mom, you know! Moreover, you no longer become too precious with your clothes—spills, vomits, pee, and drool are a reality, and it’s inevitable that expensive silky work blouse is going to get a spill on it at some point or another. This means more affordable options become a lot more attractive. (The cost of childcare is real, my friends.)

With this new approach to dressing, I asked some of the most stylish moms at the Who What Wear office to share their affordable picks from our very own Who What Wear collection at Target. (You’ll always spot plenty of WWWC pieces in the office on a day-to-day basis!). Scroll below for our chicest picks we moms are wearing on repeat this season.

“This is my go-to summer blouse when I want something polished, pretty, and comfortable enough to get me through 12-hour work days. It’s flowy so I don’t have to think twice when I’m feeling bloated. It’s also perfect when I have an after-work event. Plus, it looks way more expensive than it actually is… I don’t have to feel too precious about it since it’s just $25—baby drool and spills are inevitable, after all!”

“This is the perfect dinner dress for my upcoming vacation with the family. It has such a flattering silhouette and it’s a no-think option when I want to look like I’ve made an effort but have zero time to actually do so. If you’re still breastfeeding, the wrap silhouette is perfect for easy feeds.”

When I want to be comfortable on the weekends yet still look pretty and feminine, I gravitate toward this striped maxi dress. The bow strap details are so charming and the smocked waist is stretchy for ultra-comfort. This particular frock is not available until July 8 on Target’s site (I was able to get a sneak peek before the summer drop!), but I’ve added a chic alternative below. Get your hands on it fast when it comes out in July.

“I’m not usually a huge shorts girl, and full disclosure, my legs during my pregnancy resembled more of a mermaid tail than two individual legs. Now that it’s getting warmer, shorts are happening for me—ready or not. I’m a fan of these because of the higher waist, flattering bow, and longer length. The all-black feels pulled together and effortless. They’re even polished enough to wear in our office.”

“I wore this bright yellow tiered maxi for Saturday morning coffee and a quick family trip to the park. I love the fun pockets and billowy fit, especially as I’m in the process of transitioning sizes. I prioritize comfort much more now that I’m a mom. My days are longer, and being in tight or restrictive outfits is not something I have the patience for anymore.”

“This is my go to look for an easy Friday-night look. In general, I like my outfits to have a sense of ease to them while still feeing pulled together. I’ve been staying away from skinny jeans post-baby as the overall tightness and tapering has not been a great look for me. These utilitarian pants are ultra flattering—high waist, great pocket placement, and cut wide so I can move. The fringe on this white tee updates a classic basic and feels perfect for summer.”

“I love this dress so much, I wore it twice in one week. The print is great, and the cut flatters the growing belly. I wore it once with heels for a date-night dinner and again with flats for a weekday event promoting Shannon Watt’s new book, Fight Like a Mother.It was the perfect dress to wear to work and into the evening. The dress is chic and looks high-end, but is also super comfortable for the tail end of pregnancy.”

“On the weekends, I keep it pretty casual as I’m heading to soccer practice and farmers market hauls with my family. This dress, paired with a hat and sneakers, is perfect for especially hot weekends.What I love the most is that it is truly a perfect basic for pregnancy. I can see this paired with various shoe and accessory options, making it work for any occasion. It’s also something that can work really well for all trimesters.”

“I’m not usually one to wear a lot of color, but this print is really pretty and the shape is flattering. I wore this to a luncheon, but can also see this working well layered with a light blazer for work.At this stage of pregnancy, I prefer clothing that isn’t as fitted, giving me room to breathe and keep it cool. I particularly liked this cut because it was more fitted on top and not the usual flowy, less-flattering pregnancy dress I’ve been more drawn to.”

Up next, the most popular dresses of summer.

The Internet Has Spoken, These Are the Top 3 It Items of the Month

Trends emerge at the speed of light these days, so to keep you up to date about what the fashion crowd is wearing and posting about, we’re launching a new series that highlights all the It pieces currently flooding our Instagram feeds. Each month, we’ll walk you through the items that have swiftly made the rounds on Instagram, earning them It status.

They say three’s a crowd, right? Well, in the world of fashion Instagram, three people are enough to constitute a veritable trend—er, micro-trend, if you want to get technical. When an item pops up on our feeds once, we double tap. When it shows up twice, we make a mental note of it. By the third, fourth, and fifth time we spot the same bag, shoe, or clothing item on the fashion insiders we love to follow, we take it upon ourselves to report on the emerging trend.

With that in mind, I’ve curated a selection of the top fashion trends on Instagram I’ve spotted already this June. In the below roundup, you’ll discover pieces like the Reformation It dress all the celebs are wearing and the most photogenic bikini on Instagram. Once you discover each of these items, you can basically call yourself an insider. Keep reading to discover the defining pieces of the month.

Nothing says summer quite like a woven bag and fashion insiders are all swapping out their other handbags for Loewe’s beachy carryall—whether or not they’re actually headed to the beach. Plus, it pairs so well with summery dresses.

The defining characteristic of the perfect bikini? How photogenic it is. Solid & Striped’s Ginger Bikini fits the bill with its sunny color, unique print, and perfect fit. We can see why it’s so popular among fashion girls this summer.

Reformation continues to crush it with its selection of pretty dresses, but the Lacey dress, in particular, is turning out to be the most popular. Celebs like Kaia Gerber, Lili Reinhart, and Busy Philipps are all fans of the blue floral number.

Next, the denim shorts outfit celebs are all wearing this summer.

11 Lingerie Trends That Are Blowing Up in Paris, London, and New York

There are many misconceptions surrounding lingerie and the purpose it should serve in our lives. While we have, for the most part, societally squashed the notion that lingerie is to be worn for someone other than yourself, many women are still on the fence when it comes to incorporating “fancier” lingerie into their everyday negligee drawer. The word fancy in relation to lingerie instantly makes me assume that wearing said pieces will make me uncomfortable, but that is actually not the case at all. Sometimes, “fancy” lingerie can simply mean choosing undergarments in a more intentional way versus digging through your drawer and grabbing the first thing that your hand touches. Don’t lie—we’re all guilty of that.

Intrigued but not sure where to start? That’s where we come in. To give you an idea of what is going on in the lingerie market this year, we tapped some of the most well-respected experts in the industry to tell us what the biggest lingerie trends are in Paris, London, and New York—three places that I would say have a pretty good sartorial reputation. Ahead, read up on the trends the pros at Journelle, Victoria’s Secret, Coco de Mer, Simone Perele, and Implicite claim are blowing up in their respective locations, and shop the perfect product to go along with each. Hopefully, you’ll exit this story with a few more festive lingerie items and a boost of confidence to wear them in your day-to-day.

Sophisticated Cutouts: “A subtle transition from the overtly sexy cutout shaping previously featured in lingerie trends, styles are moving towards a more complex, subtle manipulation of shape and design using cutout detailing and soft overlays to contour the curves.” — Lucy Litwack, CEO at Coco de Mer

Asymmetric Designs: “Striking shapes are characterized by playful asymmetric designs, creating a fresh take on wired and soft styles and adapting in line with outerwear trends.” — Litwack

A Return to Craftsmanship: “Rich and intricate embroideries signal the revival of the decadence and luxuriousness of the craft. Ornate designs featuring lurex threadwork and metallic tones adorn simplistic yet beautiful styles, each piece unique in itself.” — Litwack

Brights and Neon Pops:“Once Memorial Day arrives, we find consumers are super eager to embrace summer style. This season, they have lots of fun and whimsical pieces to choose from, as brights, neons, and citrus tones have been a huge trend. What’s great is that there are lots of ways to style it. My personal favorite is to let a fun and bright bra peek through a sheer top or even a plain white tee. Our Journelle Collection Romi Scooped Demi and the Simone Perele Citadine are my go-tos right now. For the less adventurous who still want to get in on the trend, we are loving our assortment of Stripe + Stare cotton knickers. They are super soft and ridiculously comfortable, and they come in a rainbow of fun brights and whimsical embroideries. My favorites are the avocado and hot pink!” — Sandra Rose, vice president of merchandising and brand at Journelle

Brazilian Panties: “The Brazilian high-cut-leg panty is officially the panty of the summer at Victoria’s Secret. The low-rise, high-cut-leg style with minimal back coverage is flattering on any body type. The crystal-embellished logo straps are meant to be shown off.” — Monica Mitro, EVP of public relations at Victoria’s Secret

Breathable Cotton: “Customers are loving cotton year-round, but it’s particularly popular during summer. Cotton briefs offer optimal breathability and are a must for the NYC summer heat. Skin is a great resource for easy cotton, and their 100% cotton brief and thong are very popular. We also love their cotton pj sets. Another great piece is the high-cut brief from fan favorite Only Hearts; it gives a flirty spin on the basic cotton panty, and I love the higher rise under jean shorts and summer dresses.” — Rose

Convertible Bras: “Whether it’s a summer wedding, a racerback tank, or a cold-shoulder top, summer dressing sometimes requires special accommodations. NYC girls need a bra that can work as hard as they do and take them from day to night and beyond. For this reason, we always make sure to have a great assortment of convertible bras that can be worn in multiple ways and adjust to their needs. From a strapless with removable straps to J hooks and racerbacks, or even adhesive bras for a barely there look, we can solve pretty much any summer wardrobe troubles.” — Rose

Innerwear as Outerwear: “Innerwear as outerwear will continue to be a trend, especially during the summer months. Victoria’s Secret’s bodysuits, camisoles, lacy bras, and high-cut panties are made to be shown off and look great paired with a summer power suit, jeans, or a satin jacket. Our slip dress is perfect to be worn all on its own.” — Mitro

Dainty and Romantic: “Paris is lingerie’s heart and soul, and we’re seeing a throwback to its iconic feminine silhouettes and details. This season’s trend calls for flowing, ultra-feminine details like scalloped trim, eyelash lace, intricate embroidery, bows, and embellishments.” — Adrienne Coléon Gaskell, lingerie style expert at Simone Perele and Implicite Lingerie

Back Detailing: “We often forget about how sensual a woman’s back is. This season is showcasing stunning details across the shoulders and back that are too pretty not to reveal. Look for flattering silhouettes with lace, dainty straps, and fabrics like sheer mesh. Bodysuits with pretty backs are also in—and make for a super-chic layering piece.” — Gaskell

All-Lace Bralettes: “The bralette of the moment is all about lace and texture. Reveal a peek of scalloped lace along your neckline, or under a semi-sheer top for an effortlessly chic and sexy allure.” — Gaskell

Up next, shop the seven everyday shoes everyone should own.

The Bikini Micro-Trend That Only the Most Forward Women Know About

If there’s one thing fashion editors do really well, it’s spotting micro-trends like it’s our job—because it actually is. But the one thing we love more than spotting them is sharing them with you. So when we discovered a new bandeau bikini style popping up, we immediately investigated it.

Meet the bandana bikini top, a swimsuit style that teeters the line between bikini and tankini. The handkerchief silhouette first began making micro-waves after Solid & Striped released its Bianca set earlier this year and has only grown since.

But it’s not just the cute scarf-like top that we’re fawning over. The bandana bikini pulls double duty. We live for any swimsuit that can covertly be integrated into our everyday outfits. Style the bandana top with anything from a pair of high-waisted pants, denim Bermuda shorts, or a midi skirt, and voilà, you’ve created the perfect après-swim look. And as the cherry on top, your dual-use swimsuit can double as a going-out top, saving you extra suitcase space for packing more shoe options.

Shop our favorite versions of the cute suit below. 

+ High Waist Bikini Bottom ($85). This set has attachable straps for those who are concerned about possible slippage.

An option for budget-friendly shoppers. 

+ Rachel Printed Bikini Briefs ($80). We’re digging this retro ’70s inspired print. 

Peeky Cheekster Printed Bikini Bottom ($39). The itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka-dot bikini brought to life.

Is it too much to wish we could buy this suit in every color of the rainbow?

+ Mena Bikini Bottoms ($90). Where has this suit been all of our lives? 

There’s even a classic black set for the minimalists among us. 

+ The Bianca Striped Bikini Briefs ($79). The first swimsuit going into my suitcase before my next vacation. 

Up next: It’s my job to know what’s cool in fashion—these are my 11 summer finds.

8 Trends We Refuse to Wear With Shorts

There are times in life when nothing is more appropriate for a given situation (or weather forecast) than a pair of shorts. Even if you hate shorts, now more than ever, there are tons of different styles to choose from to suit your style type, from denim cut-offs to bike shorts to long suit shorts. Every one of us Who What Wear editors wears shorts on occasion (I found the Instagram posts to prove it), and we’ve certainly figured out what will and won’t help us reach our maximum shorts-outfit potential. 

Last spring, we shared with you the shoes we’d never wear with shorts, but truth be told, there’s more that we’d avoid wearing with shorts, so we’re at it again. It goes without saying that you can and should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, regardless of whether or not it’s someone’s personal cup of tea. Scroll on to find out which trends aren’t our personal cup of tea with shorts and shop what we’re wearing with them instead.

“I’ll be shying away from tight crop tops with my shorts this summer and instead will be reaching for easygoing tees in tie-dye or graphic prints.”

“I haven’t attempted high heels and shorts. Instead, you’ll find me wearing sneakers, a low heel, or sleek sandals like this pair from Studio Amelia I can’t wait to add to my closet for summer.”

“While I love a good bodysuit in general, when styling shorts, I prefer to opt for a slightly looser tee or blouse. I think it balances out better that way.”

“For me, I’d avoid wearing chunky sneakers with shorts. It’s not too often I show a lot of leg, so to feel like my most confident self in shorts, I’d opt for a sleeker shoe like minimal sandals.”

“Kitten heels and shorts are not my vibe. I just feel so exposed! Way likelier to do shorts with a white cowboy boot, like these from Ganni.”

“The thought of wearing an oversize long T-shirt with shorts makes me cringe. Since they don’t have much length to them, covering them up just looks sloppy to me. So that you can see that I’m actually wearing shorts, I stick to boxy, slightly cropped T-shirts instead.”

“It would be highly unlikely you’d see me wearing high heel pointed-toe pumps with shorts. I’d opt for some cool sporty sandals instead.”

“I feel that when I wear ankle boots with shorts, it makes my legs look shorter than they actually are. So this summer, I will be swearing by strappy sandals of all kinds with shorts and more. I am particularly loving this bright blue pair.”

Next up, six summer trends Carrie Bradshaw would never wear.

The Price Is Right: 20 Stunning Engagement Rings for Every Budget

Welcome to The Price Is Right! Well, our very elevated fashion version that is. We are officially in the midst of peak wedding season, and there is no escaping it. Whether you are in a wedding, are attending a wedding, or are stalking your old high school friends’ weddings on Instagram, you are affected by this glorious season, and it can make people feel all types of ways. As a single gal myself, it always makes me think about what I want my wedding to be like when it finally comes.

Beyond the dress and the venue (and sometimes the man), I always find myself thinking about the ring. The proposal is essentially the kick-off moment that starts the rest of the nuptial traditions, whatever yours may be, and that moment is vastly different for everyone. For some, the ring might be low on the priority list, therefore, you aren’t going to want to spend much on it. To others, your goal is to have your engagement ring be visible from outer space.

Today we’re here to shop out the best engagement rings at every budget and price imaginable so that we can hopefully satisfy everyone. From rings under $500 to those upward of $25,000, the selection here will have you saying “I do” to at least one ring.

Up next, find out which 8 trends we refuse to wear with shorts. 

I Use This $7 Item to Fix Nearly Every Fashion Problem

When she’s not working with big names like Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Hudson, and Hilary Swank, celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger also divulges her fashion expertise in our Ask a Stylist column. Erlanger is also the official ARMI Captain at the luxury rental and styling platform Armarium. From the best places to source vintage to the secret to finding your most flattering jeans, come back each week for a professional’s perspective.

For anyone who loves fashion, we all know the feeling of trying an exciting new style. However, we also know the anxiety that is paired with hoping the piece will fit your body in a flattering way, not to mention avoiding a potential wardrobe malfunction. For me, I find the best way to gain confidence in any new style is to make sure it perfectly fits your body. Obviously, getting looks tailored to your body is the ideal way to fix any fashion problem, however, if you can’t possibly imagine making time for this in your busy schedule, I have a simple trick that will fix nearly any issue you run into.

This may seem weird, but my favorite product to fix fashion problems is Vapon Topstick ($7), which is actually a taupe tape. What makes Vapon Topstick unique is that it doesn’t leave residue on your clothes. After testing this product with pretty much every fashion problem, I can confidently say this simple tool is just perfect to boost your confidence and allow you to elevate your style. Try this item to give yourself certainty when rocking the newest trends.

Scroll down to stock up on the product to fix nearly every fashion problem and shop my favorite pieces for summer after.

This post was published at an earlier date and has been recently updated.

The 8-Piece Wardrobe That Defines Italian-Girl Fashion

Street style photographers have always pointed their lenses toward inspiring outfits, but lately, their cameras have been steadily focused on Italian girls. And we’re equally enamored. Wearing everything from bold statement pieces to minimalistic silhouettes, Italian girls have a unique and captivating take on personal style. Really, it just seems like they’re throwing out the rule book and having fun.

While each girl has her own distinct style, we’ve noticed some key pieces that are essential to Italian-girl fashion. First, there are embellished heels. Patricia Manfield has proven that crystal-adorned versions are a must, even pairing hers with track pants for an elevated take on athleisure. Then there’s the robe: This editor will go so far as to suggest that Italian girls like Giorgia Tordini and Gilda Ambrosio helped usher in the robe-coat trend, a style that became a signature of their luxe label, Attico.

Want to know the other key items Italian street style stars like Diletta Bonaiuti and Candela Novembre are wearing on repeat? Keep scrolling to see just how stylish they are and shop the eight pieces you need to make Italian-girl fashion your own.

Italian girls have proven that the robe coat is a new wardrobe staple. The versatile piece can dress up even a simple T-shirt and jeans.

Instead of a loud animal print, try something more minimal and graphic.

When it comes to bold outerwear, go for maximalism. Try a coat that’s heavily embellished or one in a tapestry fabric.

Follow Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert’s lead and reach for brightly colored pieces. They’re even better when they’re worn together.

Take a style note from Patricia Manfield and pair embellished heels with track pants.

Flat-top sunglasses make a cool, retro style statement but still feel completely modern.

Offset a short miniskirt with a turtleneck sweater.

Wear a pair of statement earrings in a large hoop silhouette.

Next: 96 outfits to wear when you’re bored with your clothes.

This post was published at an earlier date and has been updated.

The Worst Things to Wear to an Airport, According to a TSA Agent

We’re always in pursuit of further refining our ensembles for every destination, whether it’s the airport or the office. And while we’ve done enough traveling to have a general idea of what works and what doesn’t at the airport—those lace-up sandals were awesome until we held up an impatient line of people trying to take them off—we figured there’s still a thing or two we can learn from a true expert. Enter Kimberly Pruitt, a former TSA agent who spent more than five years working as a security officer at Los Angeles International Airport. We sat down with Pruitt to learn the surprising items that always seem to cause an issue when going through security. After you read Pruitt’s tips, we guarantee you’ll rethink your next airport look… After all, no one wants to be the one holding up the security line, right?

Scroll down to check out what not to wear to the airport to ensure your next traveling experience is that much smoother.

“If you are opposed to getting patted down, then wearing a maxi skirt or dress isn’t your best bet, because the officer will have to check you are not hiding anything under your skirt,” Pruitt tells us.

“Believe it or not, too many bobby pins will set off the metal detector. If you’re looking to maintain your hair and skip the pat-down, I would suggest getting dolled up after screening,” says Pruitt.

“Cargo pants and shorts are one of the most difficult items of clothing at the airport,” Pruitt advises. “All the different pockets become a major hassle because they almost always set off the alarm. When being told by an officer to remove everything from your pockets, there is always a lighter or set of keys that you’ve forgotten in a hidden pocket.”

“Large metal bracelets and necklaces will set off the metal detector,” Pruitt says. “The biggest problem item is the Cartier Love bracelet. These bracelets can only be removed with a screwdriver, so they become an issue when going through security. It might be wise to put your jewelry on after screening to avoid a pat-down.”

A graphic tee will give your look an interesting element without sacrificing comfort.

These high-waisted leggings are so flattering.

Simple yet chic.

No underwires here.

These will be easy to slide on and off through security. See what we did there?

Two words: supremely comfortable.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

We Tried 10 of the Prettiest Clips and Headbands So You Don’t Have To

Our We Try Before You Buy series aims to take the stress out of shopping and eliminate the number of post office visits you make each month to return failed online orders. We test new-season buys and styling ideas so you don’t have to. Here, we’re letting you know what’s actually worth investing in, and now, we’re turning our attention to beauty too.

From spring trends to Zara lipsticks, we’ve been pretty good at trialing the best beauty items and looks out there to give you an indicator of what’s worth parting with your hard-earned cash for. This month, though, we’re turning our attention to hair—accessories to be specific. Definitely the biggest hair trend of 2019 so far, the number of stylish women embellishing their hair with clips, bows, and headbands shows no signs at all of slowing down. Which is why I and the rest of the team wanted to get in on the action. Keep scrolling to see the headbands, hair clips, and hair ties we tried, and shop the best ones online right now.

Whether they’re just wearing one as a subtle nod to the trend or layering them up for a maximalist approach to accessorizing, there’s absolutely no doubting that fashion girls have gone wild over hair clips this year. Great for all hair types, they double up as a particularly chic way to disguise bangs when you’re growing it out.

“I have quite thick hair and so often find smaller clips fall out and can’t get enough grip, but these are perfect if you want a real statement hair accessory that won’t budge. I like the effect of two stacked in parallel with each other.”—Emma Spedding, deputy editor

“On the more low-key end of the hair accessory spectrum (sort of), this is definitely something I can imagine throwing on before I leave the house for both casual and formal occasions. It’s slightly more ‘blingy’ than I’d usually go for, but I think it’ll work if I keep the rest of my jewellery pared-back. Also, I feel like, with hair accessories, you sort of have to embrace the drama.” — Joy Montgomery, acting assistant editor

“I’m sorry, but I think I’m literally too busy to be a hair-slide or clip girl! They just don’t stay in place. I don’t care how damn cute this might look (and doesn’t it look so sweet?). It probably won’t make it into my day-to-day style.” — Hannah Almassi, editor in chief

Despite having quite coarse, wavy hair, I always struggle to get hair clips to stay put. These ones from Rosantica did the trick though, thanks to the skinny barrette style. I really love how they look as a duo and think they’d look equally as cool with jeans and a tee for a cool weekend look. I’d be tempted to layer up even more for a special occasion.

“I saw these clips on Instagram and instantly knew I needed them in my hair. Often pearly clips are too thick for my fine hair, but this one sits perfectly on one side and looks super cute.” — Alyss Bowen, associate social media editor

“Rosantica creates really beautiful accessories unlike anything that anyone else is creating. So when it was suggested we do this story, I immediately knew I’d use it as a chance to get this clip in my hair for 10 minutes. It’s heavier than any other hair clip I’ve tried, so I’d save this for an occasion like a wedding rather than an everyday clip.” — Emma

You might not have worn a headband since primary school, but they’re officially back—and they’re the special occasion headwear of choice for the fashion set. (Plus, bonus points for the way that they can disguise greasy roots in a stylish way.) We’ve spotted French girls wearing them in abundance, with chic hair ties and ribbons being another favorite.

“Having just watched The Other Boleyn Girl, this pearly velvet headband felt weirdly in tune with what I was vibing off, fashion-wise. It’s not going to go with every single outfit, and I did feel a bit silly wearing it to the bathroom in our office (we’re the only fashion company in the building), but still, it’s a cute addition to a wedding or party look, I think.” — Hannah

“This Simone Rocha piece is wonderfully OTT and not something I would wear on a day-to-day basis, but actually I like the idea of choosing it as a statement accessory to a wedding. The monochrome colors will go with so many outfits and it’s not so chunky that it overwhelms everything, which is a risk with some headbands. It’s love at first sight.”—Joy Montgomery, acting assistant editor

“I went in hard on the whole headband trend, mostly because with a short style I find it hard to style my hair up (or any other way, for that matter). I normally opt for a plain black one with a knot in the middle, as it looks chic, but also keeps my pesky grown-out bangs off my face.”—Alyss

Give me a scrunchie and I’m all over it, but I’ve never considered wearing a ribbon hair tie before. I have to say, I absolutely love it! It comes with a hair tie already built in so you can leave the ends loose and flowing or tie them up into a floppy bow like this. I’m definitely converted.

Next, 10 Common Curly Hair Mistakes and How a Celebrity Hairstylist Avoids Them

This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK

I Live in NYC But Want to Live in L.A.—These Are the 5 Trends I’ll Ditch First

There comes a pivotal moment most transplant New Yorkers hit a decade into living in the city. They have to decide between one of two things: 1) They’ve become a New York–for-lifer, or 2) it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge. I’ve recently found myself falling into the latter camp. I still love New York, but I love the idea of a backyard; boots that aren’t marred by snow, slush, and salt; and a quiet commute from the comfort of my own car even more. Returning to L.A. has quickly risen to the top of my to-do list.

With dreams of year-round temperate weather, I’ve already let my mind wander toward a new, less frenzied me, both in spirit and in fashion. L.A. is its own unique style hub, and I’ve already started curating a list of trends I’ll be waving goodbye to in my rearview mirror. But seeing as I’m far from a minimalist, moving is a prime excuse for a closet overhaul, not a clean-out. So where one trend goes out, another comes in to take its place. Read on for the five trends I’m ditching (read: donating) first and the five I’m adopting in their place.

In my dream world, L.A. me has quickly learned to adopt a more laid-back attitude. While the cool-girl oversize-blazer look hasn’t died down any, I’m looking to keep things a little more casual with the rising cute-cardigan trend.

Regardless of the fact that New Yorkers pride themselves on taking style risks and being inventive with new patterns and bold colors, we often find ourselves defaulting to a color-coordinated moment. Maybe it’s L.A.’s sunnier disposition, but Angelenos seem to be more willing to mix up their color wheel.

In truth, I never should have spent so long looking for the perfect pair of leather pants in the first place—not when my plans involve moving to the poster state for year-round warm weather. Time to pack them away for special occasions and build up an arsenal of climate-appropriate Bermuda shorts. 

Goodbye, grueling, on-foot commutes, and hello, car. In L.A., I’m hoping to finally lean into those flossy, skinny heels. I’m so ready to be unafraid of getting my heel stuck in a subway grate (something I’ve spent 10 years in paralyzing fear of) or the unavoidable long treks to the subway.

I was a huge fan of the inventive pearl-earring trend that started taking off last year. But the dressy look is best left to the streets of New York. In California, more time to show off my legs means I can invest in this comeback trend. 

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The Jewelry Trends You Shouldn’t Spend More Than $75 On

We spend a lot of time talking about jewelry trends here at Who What Wear. After all, shedding light on the summer jewelry trends fashion girls are deprioritizing and reporting on the outdated jewelry trends that are officially out is pretty much part of a fashion editor’s job description. Although jewelry typically comes with a steep price tag (and we’re not opposed to splurging on a piece of everyday jewelry that we’ll never take off), we’re also of the mindset that buying into the latest trends shouldn’t cost you.

Curious as to which trending jewelry items we shouldn’t spend more than $75 on, we consulted an expert on the matter: Philomène Tellaroli, a concept designer of accessories for the Paris Atelier at & Other Stories. And she did not disappoint. From the hot hair accessory seemingly every It girl has been wearing in 2019 to the necklace trend that’s taking over Instagram right now, these are the expert-approved jewelry trends that won’t break the bank. Keep scrolling to shop Tellaroli’s picks, starting at just $9.

“There’s definitely a big comeback for hair accessories, which feels very fresh and playful,” divulges Tellaroli. “They add a layer to styling that both elevates the look and expresses your personal style.” Think, hairpins, Alice bands, and scrunchies, suggests Tellaroli.

Whether you opt for a pair of statement earrings or a more discrete, delicate style, hoops are an everyday and all-occasions favorite, Tellaroli tells Who What Wear. “This spring/summer we have a wide selection of hoops both in size, thickness, materials and colors, something for everyone,” the designer shares.

“This is a trend that’s spread a lot through social media, especially in layering necklaces to create unique combinations,” notes Tellaroli. “We love the history of medals and charm necklaces, telling stories of where you come from and your identity, as well as the myth of them carrying magic powers. They become a part of you and your self-expression.”

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Fashion Insiders Told Me the Coolest Home Pieces to Order

Fashion insiders are well-versed at, well, fashion—but many are also experts when it comes to styling their homes. Yes, their interior spaces are just as covetable as the outfits they’re wearing. Interested to find out which pieces they have in their apartments and houses, I tapped some people in the industry who have especially cool eyes for design. So, what are the decor items that have transformed their homes into stylish spaces?

Ahead, they’re sharing the pieces they can’t live without inside their places. From sleek dining tables and maximal chairs to room-altering lighting and the must-have coffee table books they look to for inspiration, these are the stylish pieces you’ll find in their homes. Whether taking inspiration from a minimal aesthetic, modern silhouette, or vintage design, there’s no doubting they have exceptional taste when it comes to interiors. Here, shop their edit of chic home decor pieces.

“Obsessed with this table as a family gathering piece. Perfect for busy mornings and quick family dinners.”

“Really into the wishbone chairs. And the brown and black contrast! So chic.”

“When it comes to creating truly magical homes, interior design duo Atelier AM, simply don’t disappoint… Nor do their books! Their most recent release is Houses and features 8 homes (by their design) photographed by the legendary Francois Halard with text by Mayer Rus. This book is a must-have.”

“This chair is just adorable! They’re a perfect opportunity to integrate color and evoke ‘summer on the Italian Riviera’ no matter where you find yourself.”

“This glowing table lamp is subtly extraordinary. The incredible porcelain relief detail features both the desert floor and its starry sky, a landscape I find endlessly inspiring.”

“If you know me, you know I love mid-century modern chairs. A Pierre Jeanneret, Eames or Wagner chair is essential for me. The most iconic mid-century chairs I own are from these designers. Chairs are my sneakers. I see the resale value like current culture does sneakers—just a longer term investment with more limited product. There’s something timeless, refined, functionality and comforting about MCM designers. You can find replicas left and right, but make sure you know these designers by name and research your buys.”

“As far as lighting, Flos remains my all-time favorite. The first lights I bought were a suspension lamp and the Glo Ball.”

“Also, the Mantis floor lamp is a favorite.”

“I’m always looking for Amazon treasure and this mirror is adorable. I’m super excited to have a larger closet area in my new apartment, so I’m eyeing this to put on the wall there, or anywhere else, really.”

“Etsy is a goldmine for great rugs — the only problem is that I’m extremely indecisive. Rugs are a serious decision and it’s tough for me to commit! This one looks like a winner, though.”

“Lighting is everything in a space and the pieces from this Belgium-based design studio are so next-level. They make the kind of statement that totally transforms a room.”

“I have always loved having candles around my house—they instantly create a relaxed and homey ambiance. Nothing can compare to the natural flickering light from a burning flame, I’d take it over a lamp any day.”

“Snuggling up on the couch is my favorite thing to do but I never feel truly comfortable without a super soft throw! They also soften the room and make your couch look really inviting!”

“Books are, so sadly, a dying breed but as someone who loves art, architecture, and photography I love to be able to pick up a coffee table book on the weekend and flip through for some inspiration.”

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I Work in Fashion, and I Just Can’t Get Behind These 4 Trends (Plus 6 I’m Into)

I’ve been working in fashion for the last nine or so years, and during that time I’ve encountered what feels like thousands of trends. Some of them are nostalgic revivals like A-line miniskirts of the 1970s or bold shoulders à la the ’80s, while others feel more experimental like Vetements memorable reworked jeans or the Balenciaga sock sneakers. Suffice it to say, I’ve seen a whole lot of trends and have subsequently developed an opinion or two about the subject matter.

Pictured Above: Sea Seraphina Dress ($170, was 425); Artisans of IQ Juliette Necklace ($350); Stella and Bow Elizabeth Chain Necklace ($150)

This summer, especially, there seems to be an emphasis on trends—not for the sake of following them but as a catalyst for developing your personal style. Loud textiles, dramatic silhouettes, quirky accessories—there are so many to choose from. Ahead, see which six I’m specifically jazzed about at the moment and the four that will not be making the cut in my closet for 2019 (sorry!).

It’s highly unlikely your next trip down the Instagram rabbit hole won’t entail an encounter with a stylish person adorned in tie-dye—and that’s a good thing. The resurgence of this psychedelic pattern brings back childhood memories of summer T-shirt creations in the front yard with buckets of water and dye, and thankfully it translates to adulthood quite well. Wear it however you please, whether it be bedecked on a bucket hat or via a pantsuit like Shiona Turini’s below.

I’ve been knee-deep in the seashell trend the last few months, but I’m coming up for air and replacing my aquatic delights with something a bit more colorful: rainbow beads. Usually accompanied by a baroque pearl or two, these bright and bold beauties make for a nice necklace or anklet that you can mix and match with other layering pieces.

Disclaimer: It took a long time for me to finally get on board with these sandals. I was initially turned off by the skinny kitten heel and barely there straps, but perhaps because I’ve seen them on literally every influencer and editor’s foot, I now love them. Whatever the mystical process that led me down this path may be, I’m Team Strappy Sandals now, and you should be too. They dress up a pair of jeans super easily and also look great with all summer dresses. Plus, the low heel makes it feel like you’re not overly dressed up, which I always appreciate in a shoe.

I grew up watching films like Anne of Green Gables and Little Women (Winona Ryder version, obvs), so my affinity for a nostalgic puff sleeve is strong. I love the way a dress with voluminous sleeves looks accessorized with a sporty sandal or even a top paired with printed trousers and sneakers—there are so many ways to pull off the puff right now.

I’ve never really been one to bare my midriff, however, I do make one exception, and that’s when it’s a crop top and high-waisted situation. Why? Because my belly button isn’t out and about for the world to see, but I can show a slight sliver of skin via my waistline (which also happens to be my most toned area, so that’s agreeable). All that said, I’ve been seeing a ton of ruched crop tops as of late, and I can’t wait to wear one with my wide-leg sailor pants and woven sandals this summer.

I’m unofficially coining the term “tourist hat” here; I hope that’s okay. What does that even mean? Think of it as the counterpart to the “ugly sandals” trend everyone’s wearing right now (Tevas, Birkenstocks, etc.). The hat features slightly dorky features like a neck strap or front flap detail—basically, it’s anything you may have worn to a waterpark as a kid growing up.

I know, I know, they look cool worn with unexpected layers like blazers and button-downs, but I just can’t get down with bike shorts worn as actual shorts. 

Listen, I support you and your feet being as comfortable as humanly possible, but I’ve yet to see a pair of flip-flops that don’t make me squirm. So many toes.

Yes, these sporty-meets-futuristic sunglasses are having a moment, but it’s actually really difficult to pull them off without looking like a goober.

To be fair, I’ve never really loved wedges. They somehow also end up making me look like I’m about to topple over.

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17 Things Our Editors Really Want to Buy Right Now

Did you catch this post last time? If so, feel free to skip below for this month’s batch of Instagram-induced shopping inspiration. If not, you can still do that, but here’s the rundown: I love utilizing the “save to collections” feature on Instagram to flag anything from funny memes I want to show someone later to interestingly composed photos I might try for myself to fashion pieces I love and, naturally, want to buy. So much so, in fact, that I decided to start reaching out to my fellow Who What Wear editors every month to find out what they’ve been eyeing too. Needless to say, they deliver every time. From dresses and tops to shoes, bags, and more, just keep scrolling to see the fashion items we currently have saved to our Instagram collections, and shop them along the way.

“I don’t typically wear a lot of red, but something about this dress is really speaking to me.”

“This looks like a top that we all need.”

“I want every single piece from Donni’s new pearl-embellished collection, and you will too.”

“Everything that Kat has going on here is great, but I really think I’m going to need this bag in my life.”

“This little flower pendant (zoom in) feels so fresh to me right now.”

“Well isn’t this special? After I put this image on my Instagram story I got so many DMs. It’s a simple top, but the flirty keyhole and dramatic sleeves left a big impression on me.”

“My list of amazing L.A.-based designers continues to grow, and Emme Parsons is a new addition thanks to her simply gorgeous sandals.”

“Besides the fact that I generally just want to be Gilda, this look really speaks to me. I love how she casually styled this tropical shirt.”

“I have been wanting an Oseree swimsuit for way too long now. Once I saw this one, I was immediately sold.”

“I must own these shoes. Ever since Daniel Lee took the helm at Bottega Veneta, I’ve been falling hard for everything he’s designed.”

“Refine is a newly launched label I can’t wait to get my hands on. Minimal perfection.”

“I have a lot of summer events on the Google Calendar this summer (weddings, engagement parties, and baby showers galore!). I fully plan on wearing this gorgeous Rixo dress to all of them.”

+ Gala Mini Skirt ($148). “This two-piece skirt set feels so fresh and modern for summer—and absolutely perfect for my upcoming vacation to Italy.”

“I first spotted (and admired) Orseud Iris’s polka-dot Le Club Top when I spotted EmRata wearing it at Coachella. But when I saw previous Who What Wear editor Michelle Scanga wearing it on IG recently, it really sealed the deal.”

“This connected ear cuff is part of The Last Line’s latest drop, and I swear I visit its IG to just stare at it almost every day. I love that the earring is dainty but still a little edgy, and now all I have to do is try to figure out which stone I need.”

“This dress just went on sale, and it’s kind of the perfect summer frock. Need I say more?”

“One order of fun summer jewelry, coming right up!”

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Jessica Biel Has Classic Style—These Are the Only Basics She Wears

Whether she’s on or off duty, it’s become apparent over the years that Jessica Biel’s style is practically the definition of classic. She certainly has fun with her looks and incorporates trends into her wardrobe each season, but at its core, her style stays true to its timelessness year after year. We’ve been watching Biel’s style evolution for years, and we get why she has such a rabid fan base of women eager to know what she’s wearing on any given day. She wears basics that you’d find in your own wardrobe, making it easy to be inspired by how she styles them. Because of this, we were inspired to sift through all of her looks from the past few years to narrow it down to the 11 basics she clearly couldn’t get dressed without.

Between her favorite denim style (any guesses?), a few staple shoe styles, and the jackets and accessories she wears with everything, there are a lot of basics to consider adding to your wardrobe here. Keep scrolling to see Biel’s favorites and shop our pick for each style.

Biel wears oversize denim jackets with everything from more denim to casual dresses. It’s the perfect jacket for her, as she spends much of her time in mild L.A. weather.

On Jessica Biel: Iro T-shirt; Levi’s jeans; Chanel shoes

Simple white leather sneakers have become Biel’s most-worn shoe style, and we can’t blame her. They truly go with everything.

On Jessica Biel: Gigi Barcelona Firenze Sunglasses ($249); Frye Ivy Low Lace Sneakers ($198)

The Jessica Biel topic we cover the most is undoubtedly her skinny-jean looks, of which there are many.

Ankle boots (her favorite cold-weather shoe style), skinny jeans, and chic outerwear make up an outfit combination Biel wears on repeat. 

Biel has frequently proven that trench coats don’t have to be boring, as this casual layered look exemplifies. 

Jessica Biel doesn’t live on denim alone. A go-to look of hers is midi-length skirts and dresses with sneakers or flats.

On Jessica Biel: Gigi Barcelona Firenza Sunglasses ($249); The Kooples Safety Pin Tee ($107); Sézane Nicole Bag ($340); Ancient Greek Clio Sandals ($185)

Additional sizes available here.

When she’s not wearing flats, Biel often opts for a pair of neutral-pointed-toe pumps to dress up her look.

On Jessica Biel: Elie Saab jumpsuit; Christian Louboutin So Kate Pointy Toe Pumps ($695)

Given that the paparazzi is constantly following her around, Biel wears hats (of every style) more often than most, but, luckily, she looks great in them.

On Jessica Biel: Tory Burch sneakers

Jessica Biel isn’t one to try to cram all of her things into a mini bag. Oversize totes, on the other hand, are her frequent companion.

On Jessica Biel: Sunday Somewhere Yetti Sunglasses ($290); Gucci bag; Christian Louboutin shoes

When Biel wears sweats, she always pairs them with polished accessories for an elevated look.

On Jessica Biel: Gigi Barcelona Firenze Sunglasses ($249); Frye Ivy Low Lace Sneakers ($198)

+ Adidas by Stella McCartney Ess Sweatpants ($90)

Next up, the sneakers Jessica Biel just wore three times in one week.

How to Look Like You Got Filler Sans Any Injections, According to Dermatologists

Filler—it seems like everyone is talking about it, and everyone is getting it (or at the very least, is curious about it). Blame it on our ever-increasing consumption of social media or perhaps just the ever-increasing idolization of the JennerKardashian clan, but the treatment is most definitely on the rise, and people are booking treatments not only at a faster rate but at a younger rate as well. (And hey, as someone who got her first pump of lip filler at the age of 24, I’m definitely a contributing statistic.)

“In our youth-based culture, it’s become all about slowing down the clock,” the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) cites. “The number of patients under 30 seeking cosmetic tweaks continues to grow, and 51% of AAFPRS members agree that more patients now emphasize early maintenance with increasing numbers of men and women in their 20s and 30s opting for preventive measures to forestall bigger procedures and surgery. In fact, more than half of facial plastic surgeons saw an increase in 2016 in cosmetic surgery or injectables with patients under 30.”

Of course, filler isn’t for everyone, and some people have zero interest in the cosmetic treatment. Alas, that doesn’t necessarily mean said camp doesn’t care (or want) the types of skin perks and youth-enhancing benefit fillers can yield. Therefore, we’ve been wondering what our other options are. What are our filler alternatives? Is there a certain skincare potion we can buy, a specific regimen to follow, or an epic facial to book that will reap results similar or perhaps superior to that of a syringe? Unfortunately, not exactly.

“Despite many marketing claims, there is no skincare product that can replace volume the way injectable filler can,” clarifies Nancy Samolitis, MD, an anti-aging expert and board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic and laser dermatology at Facile in West Hollywood. “The reason is that our skin is designed to protect us from the environment, and its natural barrier function does not allow large molecules (including hyaluronic acid) to penetrate deep enough to mimic the effects of filler. I know—I’m sorry!”

That said, there are most definitely some important things to know and most definitely some important things that can help. Here, we’re diving into all things filler and all things filler alternative. And to help, I’ve recruited some of the best East and West Coast celebrity dermatologists to lend their expert intel. Keep scrolling! Your plump and dewy skin awaits—regardless of whether or not you decide to go the filler route.

Although there are many types of injectable fillers, the dermatologists I spoke with explained to me that hyaluronic acid fillers are the most commonly used within the industry. Hyaluronic acid (HA for short) is a sugar naturally found in our skin and body, which lubricates and holds up to 1000 times its weight in water, imparting our skin with that plump, dewy radiance and that covetable “sculpted” texture. 

“Manufacturers have modified native HA to make it last longer (injected native product would last only a couple of days before being naturally degraded in the body) so that it can act to restore volume and smooth lines that have occurred over time,” explains Jennifer Herrmann, MD, FAAD, of Moy Fincher Chipps Facial Plastics & Dermatology in Beverly Hills.

“Depending on what a patient and I agree will help best address their needs, I choose a filler with specific properties that can help either lift or smooth the skin,” Herrmann says. Prior to filler injections, she tells me that they’ll discuss expectations, relevant medical history, prior injections or surgeries, and the projected care and maintenance plan. 

“When fillers were new (back in the ’90s), their primary function was to fill in wrinkles only,” explains Samolitis. However, as our understanding of facial aging has progressed, she says, new fillers have been developed to plump and enhance our lips, fill unwanted hollowness under our eyes, lessen the look of laugh lines, and more.

Additionally, Dendy Engelman, MD, FACMS, FAAD, of Medical Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery adds that fillers may reap long-term benefits since they help build collagen and elastin. But as she points out, fillers are largely used to help deeper textural issues like the issues listed above and other moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds—fine lines and wrinkles can be treated with Botox or topical products. “If a patient needs to restore volume or has deeper folds, fillers are usually necessary to add support and structure. A topical cream or most in-office treatments can’t act as substitutes for volume loss and repositioned (fallen) fat pads,” adds Herrmann.

That said, there is a fine line as far as fillers go, and using too much (especially in delicate areas where our skin is thinner) can lead to complications like lumps and bumps. Your best call? Find a trusted, board-certified dermatologist in your area for a consultation. They’ll be able to advise whether fillers, Botox, laser, or just strategic topicals will be your best treatment plan.

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a magical skincare regimen or a specific product that will replace or exactly replicate the effect of filler. That said, preventative skincare (aka what you’re doing now!) can make a major difference in the texture and future of your skin along with other lifestyle habits and practices. Like, um, your sun protection strategy.

“Many of the aging changes that people seek filler to correct are caused by sun damage,” Samolitis points out to me. “Although most people consider sun damage to primarily cause dullness and discoloration, it also causes loss of skin thickness and volume of underlying fat.” Instead of (or in addition to) fillers, Samolitis suggests treating the underlying sun damage with skincare in tandem with skin-rejuvenating procedures like peels, micro-needling, laser resurfacing, regular facials, etc. Again, your derm will be able to advise a strategy and treatment plan that will be best for your personal goals.

As Ronald Moy, MD, FAAD, of Moy Fincher Chipps explains, Botox/Dysport/Xeomin/Jeuveau will better for treating things like frown-line and crow’s-feet wrinkles, whereas rejuvenating and tightening procedures like radio frequency skin tightening or carbon dioxide laser resurfacing can yield better, longer-lasting results for the skin under the eyes. Ahead, we’re listing all of the best filler alternatives, according to Engelman, Herrmann, Moy, and Samolitis.

“Skincare products with DNA repair enzymes and epidermal growth factor will repair the past sun damage and thicken/tighten aged skin so that fillers can be postponed,” says Moy. “I like DNA Renewal’s growth factor, as it’s plant-based and made from bio-engineered barley plant from Iceland. It’s really the best skincare ingredient that can tighten and thicken skin because it stimulates epidermal stem cells and increases collagen.”

“Antioxidants like topical vitamin C can keep the skin looking tighter and fresh and can aid in collagen synthesis,” says Herrmann. “But again, while topical treatments can help the skin stay looking as young as possible, they cannot replace the bone and soft tissue loss as well as the falling of fat pads, which accompany aging, that filler can better address.” Engelman agrees, adding that antioxidants are a great way to postpone injectables. “Due to pollution, UVB/UVA rays or environmental aggressors, as well as internal stressors, free radicals are formed, which are highly destructive molecules that can wreak havoc on your skin. Free radicals are unstable compounds in search of a missing electron. When they ‘steal’ electrons from other molecules, it leaves those molecules unstable as well, and they then search for the missing electron. Because this produces a domino effect, this further weakens the skin barrier, leaving it vulnerable to premature aging (i.e., fine lines and wrinkles and uneven skin texture).” In a nutshell, boosting your skincare routine with antioxidants will help protect your skin against free radical assaults by neutralizing the oxidative stress that can cause cell damage and telltale signs of aging. Engelman suggests looking for skincare products containing the most powerful antioxidant, Idebenone, like the below.

“Retinoic acid (retinol/retinoid) is an extremely effective cell-communicating ingredient that has the ability to connect to almost any skin cell receptor site and tell it to behave like a healthy, younger skin cell,” Engelman explains. Retinoids, she says, can also function as an antioxidant, interrupting the damage (and wrinkle-inducing!) process caused by free radicals. With consistent use, clients can see improvements in fine lines/wrinkles, tone, and texture, etc. since the retinoid is strengthening the skin barrier.

According to Samolitis, skincare products containing hyaluronic acid will help trap much-needed water and hydration into the skin (great for long-term plumpness and glow goals), but the HA itself won’t actually go into the dermis of the skin like filler can.  However, Engelman loves the two-step system above which includes a daily serum and Micro-Cone patches to help improve look of expression lines and other fine wrinkles while you sleep. No, it won’t yield filler-esque results, but it’s better than nothing and will help significantly with texture issues over time.

Samolitis also adds that there are several skincare ingredients that can maximize the thickness of the dermis (the layer of skin that contains HA and collagen) which will be exfoliating heavy hitters that encourage skin turnover like glycolic (and other) acids and retinol—as we covered above!  Engelman is a fan of polyhydroxy acid, which she says will exfoliate surface skin cells and enhance natural cell turnover. Not only will this brighten your complexion, but it also gives your skin added protection against environmental aggressors that contribute to signs of aging like lines, wrinkles, and hollows people typically seek out filler for. 

Sunscreen is also critical for the prevention of accelerated damage, says Herrmann. And as Samolitis points out, consistent sun protection applied at an early age will help prevent some of the changes that occur that require filler to correct. 

Botox or Dysport: “If someone has lines caused by muscle movement, filler may not be the best option, and Botox or Dysport may be a better alternative,” explains Herrmann. And as Moy mentioned earlier, these treatments are better for those with more superficial (aka less severe) skin concerns like fine lines, crow’s-feet, and frown lines. Filler, he says, will be the best choice when there is a depression in the skin, a valley in what is normally flat skin, or a depressed scar or a skin hollow.

Microinfusion: “We do a procedure at Facile called microinfusion that uses very fine micro-needles to stamp tiny droplets of thin filler into the top layer of the skin,” shares Samolitis. “It is different from traditional filler injections because the filler is going more superficially but is blended with vitamins and a small amount of Botox to maximize texture improvement and skin brightening without the risk of lumps or changing your contour. It is a great starter procedure for someone who is nervous about traditional filler injections. The results last about a month and continue to build with additional treatments.”

Laser Resurfacing: According to Herrmann, if someone has significant sun damage and deep diffuse wrinkling, they may benefit more from full-face laser resurfacing, which can give much more natural results. It can also be a more effective treatment for those looking to treat the under-eye area.

Radio Frequency Skin-Tightening Treatments: “If minimal volume loss or sagging has occurred, adding a series of radio frequency heat treatments can help firm skin in a very noninvasive, no-downtime way,” Herrmann adds. “Such treatments aid in collagen synthesis and can help reverse early signs of skin aging like lightly visible laugh lines, and sharpen or firm the jawline, minimizing faint jowls.”

“Cleanse! If you only have five minutes, the most important thing to do is to remove theday’s grime and gunk,” says Engelman. She suggests sticking with a gentle cleanser that won’t strip your skin of natural oils and likes this one from Elizabeth Arden—especially for those with dry, sensitive skin. 

“Regular exfoliation (this can be daily with cleanser, weekly with home peels, or monthly with clinical peels and facials) to keep dull, thickened, sun-damaged skin at bay is key for maintaining a plump, dewy complexion,” says Samolitis.  Engelman recommends incorporating a toner like Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 ($112) which has phenol and salicylic acid to help exfoliate and tone the skin effortlessly and easily every day at home. 

“Next comes your application of antioxidants (such as vitamin C) followed by sunblock to provide sun and environmental protection from damage,” instructs Samolitis. 

For evening, Engelman says to follow your toner application with retinol (in lieu of your morning vitamin C) which will increase turnover, allowing older, dull cells to be removed from the surface of the skin. “Finish with a hydrating cream and use a product with ceramides, which will support the skin barrier while keeping skin firm,” she concludes. 

Last but not least, eye cream! This one from Revision Skincare is one of Engelman’s favorites.  Next up: People Don’t Believe My Mom Is 71—Here Are 8 Anti-Aging Serums She Uses

8 Style “Mistakes” Fashion Girls Notice

Let’s be honest—we all have outfits we look back on with a slight pang of regret. Hey, no one is perfect, and we’ve definitely held on to pieces a little too long or tried trends that didn’t work out. But as we like to emphasize, the beauty of fashion mistakes is that there’s always something we can learn from them, or at least from the people who notice them. To help clue us into some of the style mistakes fashion people tend to notice (and have admittedly made themselves), we tapped a few industry trendsetters to share their secrets.

Below you’ll find the eight “mistakes” that stand out to the pros most. You’ll notice they all boil down to one thing: It’s always better to stay true to your own sense of style. Whether it be trend overkill or forgetting great basics, you’ll find it easy to avoid these faux pas in your day-to-day life. Read on to see the style mistakes fashion girls never make, and then shop a few cool pieces to add to your winning wardrobe.

“I feel like modern consumers are more likely to take fashion risks these days—and one thing I never understood was people who follow the outdated ‘rule’ of matching shoes with your bag. With so many great accessory options on the market, people who do that are missing out on countless style combinations! Why limit yourself?”

“Although imitation may be the best form of flattery, an all-too-common style mistake is to clone someone else’s style. While taking inspiration from our peers and influencers is natural, it’s most important to find your own style. The same applies to taking inspiration from the runway—rather than going for head-to-toe catwalk looks, which in many cases only work on the runway, the most modern approach is to take key elements and incorporate them into your own wardrobe. The overarching rule here: Always be true to your own style.”

“Never wear shoes you can’t walk in. No matter how gorgeous they are, if you’re wobbling around like a newborn deer, there’s nothing fashionable about that.”

“I never ever forget to accessorize! Jewelry is always the most important part of my outfit. With my clothing, I generally stick with everyday basics, so accessories—jewelry especially—are my way of making my outfit exciting and distinctive.”

“There was a time that I found myself guilty of being so into a new trend I would feel the need to try it out, regardless if it suited my style or even looked good on me. Thankfully those days are behind me (I hope). I have since learned to exercise caution and a bit of creative thinking when it comes to trends. There is always a way into a trend, so don’t make the mistake of following it to a T.”

“Visible panty lines and a worn-out hook and eye on the back of their bra. It’s the small details that count.”

“I always notice when people simply throw on a bunch of expensive designer pieces thinking that’s enough to make an outfit nice, rather than carefully selecting things that go well together, regardless of the price or brand name. It’s one of those shortcuts that just doesn’t work.”

“An overall feeling of being uncomfortable. If I don’t feel confident, I’m not going to enjoy myself—and nothing is worse than seeing a girl out adjusting herself nonstop.”

A sleek moto jacket is perfect for transitional weather.

Fruit-printed tops are on every cool girl’s must-own list.

Everyone needs a printed pastel minidress this summer.

Swap out your standard blue jeans for a flared style instead.

A little pink bag adds extra oomph to any outfit.

White heels are a staple in every It girl’s summer wardrobe.

Florals are a good idea for spring and summer.

Puffy sleeves are in, and we’re not mad about it.

This pajama top doubles as a chic daytime style.

Perfect for a breezy summer day. 

Brighten up your look with a pop of colorful print.

Dress it up or dress it down.

Statement earrings take a simple outfit to the next level.

Wear bold sandals for something a little unexpected.

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Irina Shayk Wore the Coolest Anti-Summer Bodycon Outfit in Italy

In case you’re wondering where in the world model Irina Shayk is, she’s currently in Florence for the semi-annual Pitti Uomo. On Thursday, Shayk, along with fellow supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid and close friend Stella Maxwell, walked the runway for the high-profile CR Runway x Luisaviaroma 90th anniversary fashion show. For the show, she wore two sophisticated all-black looks, which seem to have influenced her off-the-runway look yesterday. While sightseeing in Florence with Maxwell, Shayk wore an outfit that certainly strayed from a typical summer outfit

Shayk wore a sleek white bodycon midi dress, which she paired with a long black cardigan and leather combat boots. The look (which happened to coordinate perfectly with Maxwell’s look) was a refreshing departure from the breezy dresses and sandals we’ve been seeing on It girls as of late, and it provided fresh bodycon-dress styling inspiration. Scroll on to see the sightseeing look and her runway looks, and to shop a similar outfit. 

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