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April 2019 issue of Muscle & Fitness

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Spring is here, and the April issue of Muscle & Fitness is right on cue with the workout tipsmuscle-building recipes, and motivation you need to start crafting your dream physique once the weather warms up.

On our cover this month is celebrity chef Robert Irvine, who you may know as the star of Food Network’s Dinner: Impossible and Restaurant: Impossible. The 53-year-old is no stranger to keeping his physique in peak condition, and in our comprehensive feature, he talks about how he stays ripped, while building a global empire and trying to create a healthier planet.

This month’s spring training guide will kick your body into high gear by focusing on functional strength, mobility, and overall explosiveness. It’s the perfect cure for that winter weight you may have put on.

No matter how great your workouts may be, you’ll never hit your goals with a shoddy diet. This month we deconstruct (and healthify) the bacon cheeseburger, show you how to whip up top-tier meatless fajitas, and five ways to cook sweet potatoes. Our five health-focused recipes will give you some new approaches to comfort food with all of the taste and none of the regret afterwards.

Actor David Lim shares his kick-ass workout to play a S.W.A.T. officer on TV. This issue also features profiles on seven brave and inspiring men and women who keep their physiques in peak shape by serving the public.

And since Muscle & Fitness teamed up with FLEX, you’ll find even more training and diet tips to help you make serious gains in the gym. In this issue, we show you how to get the chest of your dreams with two pieces of equipment in under 30 minutes, and how 2019 Classic Physique Olympia contender, Henri-Pierre Ano, got the width and thickness to contend. We even take a look at women’s bodybuilding and give you a blast from the past by breaking down the 10 best Mr. Olympia rivalries of all time.



Watch: M&F’s Weekly Web Series ‘Reps’

M&F Reps is a weekly web series featuring Muscle & Fitness executive editor Zack Zeigler and celebrity trainer and owner of NYC’s Drive495 health club, Don Saladino.



Audience Q&A, Don’s bad mood, snide social media commentators, choosing the right diet, and fitness goals to kettlebell training for beginners.


Britany Dawn’s social media apology (she reportedly sold fitness and diet programs online that weren’t personalized or just never delivered the goods); phony social media influencers who pose as personal trainers and coaches; the “if it fits your macros” diet plan; and more!


What’s Don Saladino’s life as a celebrity trainer really like? Does information overload create chaos in the fitness industry? What are the best barbells for home gyms? Why your high-intensity group class might be BS, and more!


Is Don on juice, the worst question to ask a coach or trainer, what causes people to quit their training goals, Zack nearly makes Don throw up by testing celery juice, the Ronnie Coleman Netflix, and more!


Ambien hangovers, the dangers of steroid use, why people hate cardio (and how to fix it), and more!




Exercise selection, a debate about the benefits of group fitness, how to spot bad trainers, and who is at fault — the client, the coach, or both — when a noob hobbles out of an exercise class injured.


Fitness and motivation tips, and how to ditch bad habits.


How Sebastian Stan Trained to Become The Winter Soldier in the Marvel Films

The Dangers of Steroid Use

Why Going Super Heavy Isn’t Always Necessary

M&F executive editor Zack Zeigler asks celebrity trainer Don Saladino if he’s an “enhanced athlete” or natural.

Fitness Coach Versus Social Media Phony Coach

How Fitness Rookies Can Dominate Their Goals

How to stay motivated and achieve success, and how to make lasting, healthy changes.

Trap Bar? EZ Curl Bar? What’s the Best Home Gym Barbell For a Home Gym?

M&F exec. editor Zack Zeigler has just enough room to add a bar to his home gym, but a standard Olympic barbell is too big. His buddy and celebrity trainer Don Saladino helped him settle on the best barbell for his home gym.

Kettlebell Swings: Hardstyle KB Swing vs GS KB Swing

Yeah, we know the guy in the photo looks like he’s going to the bathroom while he’s kettlebell swinging, but stick with us. The explanation is better than the photo .. we hope.


CBD Jelly Beans Hit the Market, Just in Time for Spring

Jelly Beans

Cathy Scola / Getty

Spring is almost here, and you know what that means: bunnies, chocolateand CBD jellybeans? David Klein, creator of the famous Jelly Belly brand in 1976, has launched a new line of beans with cannabidiol (or CBD), just in time for the season. 

Tapping into the CDB trend that is slowly seeping into nearly every edible industry, Klein, who has been active in the candy industry since selling Jelly Belly in 1980, created the “candy beans” after learning more about the actual health benefits of the cannabis-derived compound; CBD is known for helping to relieve pain with its anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety effects. “I said to myself, ‘is anybody doing a jelly bean with CBD?'” he recently told Cannabis Aficionado. The answer was no, so Klein started Spectrum Confections, a new candy company specializing in CBD-infused sweets. Currently, Spectrum is offering three varieties of CBD jelly beans: regular, sugar-free, and sour. 

“I love candy,” Klein said in the interview. “Not a day goes by where not only do I eat candy in some form, but I think about new candy ideas.” Each bean contains 10mg of CBD and comes in 38 flavors. “The jelly bean is perfect for the proper dosage [of CBD],” said Klein, who added, “If people want a small dose, they eat one. If they want 20 mg, they can eat two. They can decide what their proper dosage is.”

We’re not sure how these new confections will translate with so many states cracking down on CBD edibles and other products, but they’re currently “out of stock” and taking orders. 



I love me some candy with CBD.

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Sony Is Creating a Robotic Personal Trainer

Sony to create a robotic personal trainer

Oliver Burston / Getty

Sony Interactive Entertainment is crafting a video game fitness device that goes steps beyond Wii Fit. The company applied for a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a “Robot Personal Trainer,” which will work with a gaming console or computer, according to information in the patent, and perform alongside users as they work out by capturing images of their routine and analyzing them.

Once the machine recognizes a particular workout, it captures the images of it, analyzes it, and tells users if their posture is off, according to Sony. There’s no word on whether more in-depth feedback will be provided since this fitness android is in its earliest stages. The device, which looks like a rounded piece of metal on wheels, works with a PlayStation Eye camera, which is how it captures the various fitness activities. 

Images will be displayed on a TV screen and data will be stored in a cloud so users can keep track of their progress—or save some favorite workouts. Of course, you’ll also be able to share your workouts on social media.


This 87-Year-Old Powerlifter Keeps Breaking World Records

Ted Lindberg has been lifting for 75 years, since he was just 12 years old. He remembers how back in the early days gyms didn’t even have benches, and gym-goers had to lie on the floor or on homemade, wood planks to lift. After retiring from working construction, Lindberg began hitting the gym regularly to get out of the house and stay active. This was how Lindberg discovered the sport of powerlifting.

“I like a challenge and it’s something athletic I can do,” Lindberg told Fox9 News in his hometown of Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

Lindberg set a record for his age group by bench-pressing 214 pounds in Chicago, which he broke this past year by lifting a whopping 220 pounds at the 2018 World Powerlifting Championships in Las Vegas. “I feel pretty good about it, but you gotta remember at 87 years old, I don’t have a whole lot of competition,” said Lindberg.

Now, Lindberg isn’t satisfied with these two records and has a new goal: to bench 300 pounds by the end of the year. He says he intends to break another world record when he turns 90 and that he wants to keep lifting for the next 10 years. Lindberg is showing all of us young folk that age is just a number. Just because you’re getting up there in age doesn’t mean you have to stop getting up there in gains.

H/T Fox9 News


50 of the Weirdest Things Uber Riders Left Behind

Uber's 2019 Lost and Found Index

Juana Mari Moya / Getty

A LEGO wrestling belt, a “special” pizza costume, a bejeweled Elvis cape, and a Harry Potter magic wand—these are just a handful of the dozens of strange items Uber passengers have left behind as they rushed from one destination to another this past year, according to the company’s annual Lost & Found Index.

Most people will typically forget their phone, a wallet, or keys, and while these items are a ubiquitous listing on Uber’s lost and found report, there are some more questionable items—think salmon head, 18k gold teeth, and 7-Eleven chicken tenders. This year’s “Top 10 Most Commonly Forgotten Items,” according to Uber, include: phone, camera, wallet, keys, purse/backpack, clothing, glasses, headphones, vape/e-cig, and ID/license.

The report also broke down the days of the week that people are most forgetful (and by item) and the most “forgetful” cities in America. This year, East Alabama topped the list with the most forgotten items left in Ubers. Gallup, NM and Cookevill, TN were close runners-up at two and three, respectively. Mondays are also when people usually forget watches, and phones are left behind most on Saturday. Overall, riders are most forgetful on Saturdays and Sundays between 11pm and 1am, according to the company.

But let’s get back to the fish heads, dog tuxedo, and pounds of meat left behind in Ubers this year. Here’s the list of The 50 Most Unique Lost Items:

  1. 8 week old coffee-colored Chihuahua
  2. Black faux fur neck cuff in a size large
  3. A photo of a New Years kiss
  4. 6 chicken tenders from 7 Eleven
  5. A black and white tuxedo for a small dog
  6. Full set of 18k gold teeth
  7. Professional grade hula hoop
  8. Salmon head
  9. Medium sized medical marijuana pipe
  10. Birth certificate and social security card
  11. Star Wars skateboard
  12. Very important headband with peacock feathers
  13. A propane tank
  14. A tray of eggs
  15. White leather snakeskin Louboutin heels
  16. Lego championship wrestling belt
  17. A pack of hair and a brown brush shaped like a foot
  18. Ed Sheeran concert tank top
  19. Breast pump with breast milk
  20. Two packs of Italian sausage and a Thanksgiving ham
  21. A shopping cart
  22. Ancestry kit
  23. Lotion and beard oil
  24. Silver & peach colored Venetian masquerade mask
  25. Small handmade cat puppet
  26. Babe Ruth signed baseball
  27. White gold wedding band with diamonds
  28. McDonald’s visor and a large fries
  29. Harry Potter Magic Wand
  30. A special pizza costume
  31. A bird
  32. Red pouch with hammock inside that says “hang loose”
  33. Cheer skirt with a lion head
  34. Yeezy boost 350 butters
  35. A mannequin
  36. Two pieces of my ever-so-special white wedding cake
  37. A fog machine
  38. Japanese style mandolin
  39. Full fish tank with fish and water
  40. An Elvis cape with a few jewels on it
  41. One Gucci flip flop
  42. Red Lobster takeout
  43. Limited edition Chance the Rapper Starbucks gift card
  44. 5×7 prom picture of me and my husband
  45. 10 lbs pulled pork and 10 lbs pulled chicken
  46. Rose gold Kim Kardashian lumee case
  47. A piece of parchment paper with sap on it
  48. Deer antlers and a welding helmet
  49. My dirty laundry
  50. A small plush toy of a cat eating a pizza slice

Brian Shaw Shows Gnarly Hamstring Bruise From His 2019 Arnold Injury

At the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival, Brian Shaw tore his hamstring during a world record-breaking deadlift attempt, hindering his performance throughout the weekend and resulting in an eighth-place finish. Before this injury-shortened showing, Shaw hadn’t finished below second in the last six ASC’s. Naturally, this kind of injury would result in some pretty serious bruising, which the former World’s Strongest Man showed off in the video below. However, he’s looking to rebound quickly and already started treatment to get his hamstring back in working order. 

First, he did some stretching with his rower before heading to a chiropractor to get ARP Wave treatment, a more intuitive stim therapy that uses a “specific waveform which allows for the resultant current to penetrate deep within the tissues being treated through a combination of differing frequencies, duty cycles, and outbursts,” according to ARP Wave Boston

Shaw was very optimistic about his treatment and the progress of his injury, saying, “Every day, I’m just being positive, finding something that’s a little bit better, whether it’s the coloration, or I can move a little bit better, or I can go a little bit longer with getting blood in there (his hamstring) with the rower.” 


Man Develops Life-Threatening Skull Infection From Cleaning Ears With Cotton Swab

Man Develops Life-Threatening Skull Infection from Cleaning Ears with Cotton Swab.

PeopleImages / Getty

There’s plenty of evidence out there that we shouldn’t be using cotton swabs or Q-tips to clean our ears, but a 31-year-old man in England found this out the hard way after he developed a severe infection in his skull from a piece of leftover cotton that got stuck in his ear canal. The man couldn’t say when exactly this piece of cotton became lodged in his ear canal, but he had been suffering from seizures, earaches, discharge, and headaches that were so severe, he would vomit. These symptoms also began impacting his brain function, with the man often struggling to remember people’s names.

While those symptoms occurred over the span of 10 days leading up to the seizures, the man described experiencing earaches and difficulty hearing over the past five years. Dr. Alexander Charlton, a member of the team of ear, nose, and throat specialists involved in the patient’s treatment at University Hospital Coventry in England, believes the piece of cotton was in there for some time, due to the amount of wax it was encased in, causing his pain over the years and culminating in this major infection. When CT scans identified the source of the infection, doctors performed surgery, only to discover the cotton fibers encased in wax in the man’s ear as the root cause. 

The man spent almost a week in the hospital and endured two months of intravenous and oral antibiotics to treat the infection, but after he finished treatment he stopped experiencing long-term hearing or thinking problems. The main takeaway from this story, besides feeling horror stricken and throwing out all the cotton swabs in your bathroom, is to learn to clean your ears properly. Cotton swabs are useful only cleaning the outer ear, not the inner ear or the canal.

If you use a cotton swab to get wax out of your ear canal, you actually end up pushing the wax deeper and deeper inside your ear, often causing it to harden and become more susceptible for infection.

In this video below, Business Insider consulted a doctor from NYU Langone on the proper technique for cleaning your ears.

Let this be your reminder and motivation to take care of your ears just as you would any other part of your body. This includes cleaning your headphones, hats, pillowcases and everything else that comes in close contact with your ear canal. Your ears are literally holes in your skull leading to your brain, and as this man in England discovered, that is something you want to take seriously.



WWE Fastlane 2019: Roman Reigns Makes a Huge Impact in His In-Ring Return

Roman Reigns makes his in-ring return at WWE Fastlane.

Courtesy WWE

Roman Reigns made his highly anticipated return to WWE action last night at Fastlane in Cleveland, Ohio, receiving an incredibly positive reaction and reuniting the most dominant trio in WWE history, The Shield.

Before the shocking announcement concerning his real-life struggles with leukemia last October, Roman Reigns, whose real name is Joseph Anoaʻi, felt insecure about the prospect that people might judge him or feel skeptical about his very serious and entirely genuine illness. After all, in the larger than life world of pro wrestling, the lines between reality and fiction are often blurred. Fortunately, aside from the usual throng of internet tolls, the wrestling universe lent a great deal of support to the struggling Superstar, sending thousands of “Get Well” messages via social media and text, and hoping for a speedy return for the “Big Dog”.

“I don’t look like I’m suffering from illness; I’ve been very fortunate to be extremely healthy and take good care of myself. I put a lot of time into my body and my health”, Reigns shared in a candid interview with a filming crew during the shooting of his WWE Network documentary, Chronicle: Roman Reigns.

The outpouring of love and support received in his time of need was well deserved, too, since Reigns has been using his position in the spotlight to console other cancer sufferers for longer than most people know.

“During a Make-a-Wish, if a child had leukemia I would let ’em know (that I had suffered too)”, he says during the Chronicle doc. “And the way it touched those families. The way the kid, and the mom, and the dad, and the siblings would react, it was so powerful.”

During his four long months away from WWE to deal with the re-emergence of chronic myeloid leukemia, Reigns was able to avoid the severity of radiotherapy, but would still need to complete a full course or oral chemotherapy. The pills had harsh side effects of their own, such as arthritis, and it was a confusing time for a man who had spent years traveling the globe and main-eventing WrestleManias against some of the biggest names in the industry. Staying motivated was difficult to say the least.

“I’ve always been someone who wanted to convey strength, and when people are worried for me it makes me feel not like I want to (feel)”, he shared.

For Reigns, the first couple of months of treatment hit pretty hard, and a good deal of time was spent at home resting on the couch, but despite the temptation to give in, the 6’3″ powerhouse was determined to keep his body and overall fitness levels strong. Once he started to feel close to normal again, the former WWE Universal Champion couldn’t wait to start working out.

It wasn’t long before fans were sharing images on social media, taken with Roman Reigns at the gym. The “Big Dog” looked happy and healthy, and not about to be knocked out by cancer. As time passed, Reigns began to feel better and better, and then the good news came in: the leukemia was in remission. He’d defeated cancer once again and couldn’t wait to call WWE Chief, Vince McMahon, about his return.

Once he felt strong enough, and was cleared by his own doctor, he underwent a thorough medical and physical examination by WWE staff on February 22; he explained to officials that during the time he was off dealing with cancer, he’d kept up his cardio with running and appeared to be in great shape, if a little lighter.

“Being in places like this (the gym at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando) makes you feel band new again”, he shared with a smile on the Chronicle documentary.

The tests came back clear, and the Tampa native was excited to be allowed to step tentatively between the ropes once again to see how his body would react. Thanks to muscle memory and years of performing on the road, Reigns soon felt comfortable with the early knocks and slams felt in training, and began hashing out a plan for his full-time return with WWE Chief, Vince McMahon. It was decided that he would break the good news on television days later, and just as was the case with his initial announcement, the return would be live.

Reigns officially came back to WWE on the February 25 edition Monday Night RAW in Atlanta, but before he got to the arena, he made a visit to Bobby Dodd Stadium at Georgia Tech, where he was once captain of the football team, to get a good workout session in.

“The athletic weight room is under the stadium, so any time I’m in Atlanta I like to come down and work out, and talk to some of the guys if they are around, talk to the coaches, but mainly just get a lift in a home facility”, he explained. “If I can be a figure that makes these children, or anybody who is going through blood cancer, wanna live for an extra day, or give them the strength to keep going, to keep pushing through treatments and life, then I think my story landed. It did what it needed to do.”

Reigns knows how important it is to remain positive.

“The strength that you (fans) gave me… I can do anything right now, I can do anything with that type of strength and love”, he shared in his return speech.

There’s no doubt that the investment Joe, aka Roman, has made to increase his physical and mental fitness played a large part in his speedy recovery, and this was evident at Fastlane when Reigns wrestled his first match of 2019.

Reuniting The Shield with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to do battle with Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Baron Corbin, The Big Dog showed the world that he hadn’t missed a beat. In a match that proved to be a wild affair, Roman was left in the ring alone to grapple with Baron Corbin as the remaining competitors engaged in a full-scale brawl throughout the arena.

As the superstars all moved back to ringside, the action became even more intense. Lashley, McIntyre, and Corbin attempted to destroy Roman Reigns by planting him through the announce table, but his fellow Shield members made the save. The “Hounds of Justice” then retaliated by powerbombing McIntyre through the table instead, followed by the crowd erupting with the trademark “This is awesome” chant.

Now in deep trouble, alone in the ring, Corbin would lose the numbers game and suffer the wrath of The Shield. A devastating Shield Bomb was delivered to Corbin, allowing Roman Reigns to collect the pinfall for the win, resulting in one of the greatest feel-good moments in pro wrestling history.

Replays of Fastlane and the documentary, Chronicle: Roman Reigns, can be seen on WWE Network. For more information, or for your first month for FREE, visit


Sylvester Stallone Admits ‘Rambo V’ Did Some Damage to His Body

Cane in hand, Sylvester Stallone posted an Instagram video from the gym saying that the rigorous training for the upcoming Rambo V: Last Blood really did a number on his body. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the gym, because I’ve been out there doing Rambo, which caused a lot of damage,” Stallone said. “So now I’ve got to fix things.”



The words explain themselves…@gunnarfitness @bradsiskind #rambo5

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The 72-year-old Italian Stallion is still pumping iron after all these years just to give us some movie gold. The latest film in the series since 2008’s Rambo, Last Blood hits theaters September 20 and follows an older John Rambo living a quieter life on his Arizona ranch before he goes on a mission to Mexico to rescue a group of girls kidnapped by a sex trafficking ring.

The actor recently said his run as Rocky Balboa is up. From the looks of his recent video, this may be the last we see of Rambo—or not. It sounds like Stallone still has some fight left in him.

“Coming back here, let’s face it, it’s not easy,” Stallone said in the video. “Who wouldn’t rather be in bed just relaxing a little bit? But listen. Life is like a movie. You got to star in your own feature. And if you want to play the lead, you got to get out there and go after it. See you soon, and keep pumping.”