The instinct for overcoming humans has always sought go ahead new challenges . The invention of shoes was essentially a matter
of survival from the earliest days. Foot protection made it possible for our first ancestors to reach regions richer in food
and in a more favorable climate. Footwear empowered the men to reach new cities, found new kingdoms and establish domains.
Until the present day shoes are synonymous with social class and economic power.

The change caused by the shoes does not reach only the social construction, but these small objects also change our body.
Recently scientists have found that the continued use of shoes alters the shape of our feet and calves. Since then shoe
factories have started to create shoes that think of the corporal well-being in the whole. Not only is comfort important, but
the impact of shoes to the muscles, joints, spine should be considered in the development of shoes by manufacturers. Consumers
should also analyze these requirements when choosing a shoe.

Because of the impact that shoes have on our physical structure, this essential tool should be treated with care and attention
as it can influence our physical well-being.
Finding orthopedically correct shoes is very important, not only for confort , but also for preserving our overall physical

To change the world and our own lives we need shoes. And if your shoes is make you healthy and comfortable we believe you will
have even more achievements throughout your life. Uncomfortable shoe hurting our feet all day sure only worsens our mood.
Shoes are part of us, almost an organ we can not live without. It can change your day to day for the better, or not. It
depends on your conscious choice. Think about it the next time you choose a shoe.

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