Here Are the Winners of X Games Real Ski 2020

Ultimately, skiing is a subjective sport. If you want to have video contests, you have to have judges. In the case of X Games Real Ski, this year saw an all-athlete panel take control for the first time. I was actually at the Level 1 office as they were filming the judging portion of the TV show and there’s no question it felt like being in a room of street skiing legends. Tom Wallisch, LJ Strenio, Mike Hornbeck, JF Houle, and Khai Krepela: All ex-competitors in Real Ski and not a bad list when it comes to street skiing credentials, generally.

Regardless of whether you agree with the results, and I personally would have had medal order different were I in the ‘booth,’ you have to agree that’s a hell of a crew to argue with.

Without further ado, your X Games Real Ski Medalists are:

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