Curtain Fringe Pumps Named After Rock Icon Courtney Love

Taking its name from rock icon Courtney Love, this stiletto from Christian Louboutin is made from ultra-soft calfskin suede. It is available in black and brown at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The body of the shoe is styled on a classic Kate stiletto with a pointy toe and 100mm heel. A PVC strap envelopes the ankle, from which fall a dynamic long ‘curtain’ of chain fringes, revealing glimpses of the skin beneath and creating a dynamic silhouette.

Courtain Ankle Fringe Pumps, $945 at Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue

Taking its name from the rock icon Courtney Love, the Courtain sandal assumes avant-garde influences

This Courtain stiletto is made from ultra-soft black calfskin suede

A dramatic curtain fringe redefines these classic suede pumps

Long chain fringe adds dynamic movement to a pointy-toe stiletto pump that's destined to stand out from the crowd

With details of timeless elegance such as a 100 mm stiletto heel and a tapered toe, its suede calf leather vamp is low cut and enhanced by a curtain of tassels that cascade from the thin ankle strap

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