All the Travel-Worthy Locations Where ‘The Batman’ Is Filming

When Matt Reeves’ The Batman hits the big screen in May 2021, the iconic Gotham City will likely look a bit different than we’ve previously seen

Director Christopher Nolan used combinations of Chicago, Pittsburgh, and New York City for his Dark Knight trilogy with Christian Bale, while Tim Burton and Zack Snyder each had more stylized versions of Gotham. But this time around, it appears that Reeves is going for a more comic book-accurate look at Gotham, using the historical architecture of Europe to make it happen.

Filming is already underway in London and will continue through this year, with the movie hitting theaters in 2021. There likely will be more locations added as filming continues, but for now, Reeves’ home base for the production is taking place in England.

Here’s a look at where The Batman is filming—and guides to all the great stuff you can do if you visit those spots.

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