The Best Snowboarding Gear to Own the Slopes This Winter

It’s the peak of winter sports season. Have you hit the slopes yet? Maybe you’re a snowboarding dilettante, or maybe you’re new to shredding and want to invest in the right snowboarding gear. Either way, we’ve got the essentials that’ll help you own the mountain this season.

Our snowboarding enthusiasts tested enough gear to find everything you need. No matter where you decide to take your board, be it one of the best resorts in America or somewhere adventurously off the beaten path, this gear should get you through.

Our picks for the best snowboarding gear skew toward utilitarian pieces—a magnetic helmet, fog-free goggles, and versatile bibs. They’re not flashy, but they’ll keep you warm and protected. Every piece of gear we’ve assembled is fine-tuned to give you the most thrilling run possible down all that winter white. It’s worth noting that we also highlighted five of the best snowboards to get this season, including a freeride snowboard that’s smooth yet aggressive (pictured above). Now all you need to do is nab your lift tickets or pass.

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