The Return of Shia LaBeouf: See 8 of His Best Looks

You probably know him as Louis Stevens from the hit Disney Channel show Even Stevens, Stanley Yelnats from Holes, and a few other heavy-hitting on-screen moments throughout the years, but up until this past year, Shia LaBeouf was on hiatus for the past few years. Thanks to his latest films, The Peanut Butter Falcon and Honey Boy, we’ve finally been graced with a highly anticipated handful of Shia red carpet moments and, of course, his noteworthy off-duty looks as well.

LaBeouf hasn’t always been a style icon, but over the years, he has transitioned into a true beacon for normcore dressing thanks to his repetitive use of things like hiking boots, crew-neck sweatshirts, sneakers, and fleece. Even when he was a bit MIA from the public eye, we were able to keep tabs on his style via the hit Instagram account Shia’s Outfits, where some of his most iconic looks are posted regularly for us all to gawk at. This celebrity’s aesthetic is a particular one, but if we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that his fan base is big and it is dedicated.

It might not come as a surprise that I myself am a major Shia LaBeouf fan (considering I am writing an entire story dedicated to him) and am very into his unique and effortless way of dressing. With that said, I am pleased to announce that he has officially returned as not only “famous” once again (throwback to when he wore a bag over his head claiming he wasn’t) but the true style icon that he is. Ahead, see eight of LaBeouf’s best looks, from glam red carpet moments to just-rolled-out-of-bed ‘fits, and shop the hero pieces you’ll need to re-create all of them.

In case you’ve ever wondered how to style an oversize (probably vintage) fringe jacket, take it from Shia and keep things simple with a crew-neck sweatshirt, cropped trousers, and sneakers.  On Shia LaBeouf: Golden Goose sneakers 

I don’t know who needs to see this, but rugby shirts are officially the coolest way to update your suit game. Gucci logo socks don’t hurt either. On Shia LaBeouf: Gucci socks and loafers 

Shia proves that a quilted anorak is no longer just for the Queen during hunting season by wearing his on the red carpet. Casual? Yes. Cool in a normcore sort of way? Also, yes.  On Shia LaBeouf: Golden Goose sneakers

Everyone, take note: Tucking your trousers into your boots is the 2019 styling trick to know. Be it heeled knee-high boots or chunky combat boots, this simple maneuver will make quite the statement.  On Shia LaBeouf: Gucci suit; Christian Louboutin boots

The dad fleece had quite a moment last winter, but feasting our eyes upon this particular Shia look has us digging through our drawers to continue on the fleece legacy all season long.   On Shia LaBeouf: Patagonia jacket 

I’m not even sure where to start with this one. The boxy blue suit with the tight floral top and the square-toe lace-up shoes… I am absolutely not okay. 

You might look at this and wonder why we are including it as one of Shia’s best looks, and the answer is because it really embodies what Shia is both known for and good at: normcore style.

And for the last look of the story, we have Shia in yet another perfect suit, proving he is a suit god. End scene.  On Shia LaBeouf: Gucci shoes

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