Check Out Matthew M. Williams’ Nike x MMW Joyride CC3 Setter

Matthew M. Williams will soon be releasing a new Nike collection centered around the Nike Joyride CC3 Setter and outdoor-themed apparel.

“For me, being outside is so important,” says Williams. “Fresh air and sunlight are proven to be two of the greatest benefits to the health and well-being of humans.”

The Nike x MMW Series 003 introduces an oversized down parka equipped with internal and external pockets to carry both daily and training accessories. The intent is to protect from extreme winter conditions and promote a get-out-and-do attitude. The new piece is complemented by a sherpa fleece jacket, water-repellant jacket and a two-in-one short for men. For women, the collection incorporates a sports bra and a mechanical stretch pant. Accessories include signature MMW chest rigs, and men and women’s underwear.

“All pieces allow the wearer opportunity to adjust as they see fit. Each individual expresses his or her own unique sense of style in different ways,” says Williams. “That’s what I love about clothing in general, whether it’s fashion or sportswear. I find that there are so many athletes that have an amazing and inspiring sense of style.”

The Nike x MMW Series 003 will release alongside two colorways of the Nike x MMW Joyride CC3 Setter in two colorways: a Black and Red makeup complementing the collection, and a Silver style that relays a Milanese sprezzatura — an effortless nonchalance.

The Nike x MMW Series 003 apparel collection along with the two Nike x MMW Joyride CC3 Setter will release on December 5th at select retailers and for the retail price of $200.

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