14 Items Every Woman Should Have in Her Purse

For most of us, predicting what we may need in our purse every day is impossible. With early coffee dates and quick lunch meetings to post-work plans and beyond, we’re all leading a packed calendar. Since life can be so unpredictable, there are a few items that we think are essential to balancing all the surprises that come up in a busy day. From an unexpected meeting to a bad hair day, we’ve got you covered with some items that can help.

We’ve gathered a few purse essentials we feel can be a lifesaver to have in your handbag. These universal items are a great investment for anyone on the go. From cosmetics to mints, we’ve included the essentials that are helpful to have on hand for any situation that may arise. Keep reading to find out which “things” you should always have with you and shop our favorite everyday bags.

Dark circles are friends to no one. This product can remove dark circles in a matter of seconds by instantly illuminating skin with its light-diffusing mineral powder. 

No matter where you live, the dry winter months are sure to take a toll on your skin. Having this essential on hand will give your skin a constant glow. Avoid dry, cracked skin with our favorite cream.

A personal favorite of mine for any occasion, all natural Fresh products are perfect for protecting your skin and lips. Keep those lips soft with Fresh’s Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment ($25).

Perfect for on-the-go days when there’s no time to touch up your makeup, say goodbye to an oily forehead with Boscia Blotting Linens ($10).

Mints over gum, period. They’re just chicer. These super-strong mints are perfect for any emergency.

This Dior option comes in many colors and has amazing reviews, making it the perfect go-to lipstick.

Described as an “easy and polished with notes of floral peony and tuberose,” this scent is perfect to accent any look.

Because it’s always wise to be prepared. 

Check yourself! This chic mirror is the perfect size for any purse and it’s one of the most useful essentials you can have. 

Even if you don’t need it, at least be the friend who always has a spare hair tie. Made with silk, this option causes less damage than standard hair ties. 

Perfect for driving or running around the city, these Le Specs glasses add an interesting twist to a classic look. 

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected jagged nail. This four-way nail file is perfect for any nail emergency. 

Sure, they might end up at the bottom of your purse, but they will come in handy when you need them most. 

Freshen up your face with a long-lasting sheer powder. Perfect to maintain a smooth foundation every day, we love this powder by Bobbi Brown. 

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