The Unexpected Corset Costumes We’re Loving for Halloween

Perhaps you’ve already heard, but corsets have made a major comeback. And if you’re just getting back into this controversial lingerie trend, why not sport it for Halloween? We know what you’re thinking: a corset for Halloween? But hear us out. There are plenty of stylish Halloween costumes with corsets that won’t have you feeling like you’re celebrating the holiday like one of the characters from Mean Girls.

While the idea of wearing lingerie for Halloween is nothing new, to wear something as statement-making as a corset can feel, well, empowering. Think about it: When you have strong, empowered women to model your costumes after, wearing the waist-cinching piece can feel like a power move, and we love nothing more than a bold power move.

If you feel the same way, scroll down to see the stylish, non-cliché Halloween costumes with corsets to wear this year. There’s no doubt that you’ll feel strong, cool, and chic in these.

Sport a blue corset and a long tulle skirt to be a modern-day Cinderella for Halloween.

To channel the look of Dolores, start with a Victorian-style lace-up corset and layer it over a flowy, boho dress.

To take on this ensemble, a corset top with statement sleeves paired with a vibrant midi skirt will be just what you need.

Channel the famous French queen with a sleek corset top paired with a long floral-print skirt and Mary Jane heels.

For an easy and simple corset costume, sport a corset belt over a dress and throw a red cape over your look. In minutes, you’ll be Little Red Riding Hood.

Feeling witchy this year? Style a black corset over a long-sleeve dress with flowing sleeves for an easy Halloween costume. To finish it off, all you need are cool lace-up boots.

Portray the symbol of women’s empowerment and wear a red corset top with a blue skirt. Accessorize with gold jewelry to give your costume the finishing touch.

To achieve Elena’s ensemble, style a long corset over a dress with puff sleeves, and don’t forget to style your locks in a side ponytail.

Need more? Check out the easy and empowering costumes you can put together in minutes.

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