Nike Cortez in Black and Rose Gold

Nike Cortez Black Rose Gold 905614-010 Release Date

The Nike Cortez is still in rotation after having a strong year in 2018. One of the next pairs is a women’s exclusive that has a luxurious look.

This pair comes dressed in a Black and Rose Gold color combination. Featuring Black leather across the base while patent leather makes up for the Nike Swoosh across the panels. We also have Rose Gold accents on part of the midsole, small Nike Swoosh by the toe, branding on the tongue, lace tips and lace jewel.

Continue to scroll below to check out more images of the women’s Nike Cortez Premium in Black and Rose Gold which will provide you with a closer look. They are now arriving at select Nike Sportswear retailers including online at Retail price is set at $90.

Nike Classic Cortez Premium
Color: Black/Rose Gold-Black
Style Number: 905614-010
Price: $90

Nike Cortez Black Rose Gold 905614-010 Release Date

Nike Cortez Black Rose Gold 905614-010 Release Date

Nike Cortez Black Rose Gold 905614-010 Release Date

Nike Cortez Black Rose Gold 905614-010 Release Date

Nike Cortez Black Rose Gold 905614-010 Release Date

Nike Cortez Black Rose Gold 905614-010 Release Date

Image Source: Sneaker District

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adidas Deerupt S in Black and White Release Date

adidas Deerupt S Black White BD7879 Release Date

The adidas Deerupt is also coming soon with a minor update and is known as the Deerupt S. One of the upcoming releases including a clean and simple theme.

Keeping things clean and simple, this pair comes dressed in a Black and White color combination. Highlighted with mesh and webbing across the upper, tonal branding is used along with a White midsole with a Black webbing overlay. Completing the look is a Black outsole.

adidas Deerupt S Black White Release Date

You can expect the adidas Deerupt S in Black and White to release at select adidas Originals retailers and online at on February 28th. Retail price is set at $110. Below you can check out more images which will give you a closer look.

adidas Deerupt S
Color: Core Black/Core Black-Cloud White
Release Date: February 28, 2019
Style Number: BD7879
Price: $110

adidas Deerupt S Black White BD7879 Release Date

adidas Deerupt S Black White BD7879 Release Date

adidas Deerupt S Black White BD7879 Release Date

adidas Deerupt S Black White BD7879 Release Date

adidas Deerupt S Black White BD7879 Release Date

adidas Deerupt S Black White BD7879 Release Date

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Travis Scott x Air Jordan 33 NRG ‘Army Olive’ Official Images

Air Jordan 33 Travis Scott CD5965-300 Release Date

Travis Scott and Jordan Brand will have another collaboration set to release which will come sooner than later. Next up is the Air Jordan 33 NRG that will debut in February.

Featuring an Army Olive, Sail, Black and Ale Brown color combination. Olive covers the upper while Black and Brown accents land by and on the heel. Following we have Volt accents, Sail on the midsole and outsole while Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack branding lands on the tongue.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 33 NRG Army Olive Release Date

You can expect the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 33 NRG ‘Army Olive’ to release at select Jordan Brand retailers on February 14th. Retail price is set at $200. Below you can see more images which will give you a closer look.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 33 NRG
Color: Army Olive/Sail-Black-Ale Brown
Release Date: February 14, 2019
Style Number: CD5965-300
Price: $200

Update: Nike has released official images of Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 33.

Air Jordan 33 Travis Scott CD5965-300 Release Date

Air Jordan 33 Travis Scott CD5965-300 Release Date

Air Jordan 33 Travis Scott CD5965-300 Release Date

Air Jordan 33 Travis Scott CD5965-300 Release Date

Air Jordan 33 Travis Scott CD5965-300 Release Date

Air Jordan 33 Travis Scott CD5965-300 Release Date

Update: Check out the first look at Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 33 NRG which has started to release overseas. A stateside launch will take place on January 27th.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 33 NRG Army Olive Cactus Jack CD5965-300

Travis Scott Air Jordan 33 NRG Army Olive Cactus Jack CD5965-300

Travis Scott Air Jordan 33 NRG Army Olive Cactus Jack CD5965-300

Travis Scott Air Jordan 33 NRG Army Olive Cactus Jack CD5965-300

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Air Jordan 9 ‘UNC’ Official Images

Air Jordan 9 UNC 302370-145 Release Date Info

Jordan Brand is releasing a new Air Jordan 9 to celebrate the 2019 NBA All-Star Game which will be held in Charlotte.

This pair comes dressed in a White, University Blue and Midnight Navy color combination. If this pair looks familiar, it’s because it resembles the 2002 ‘Blue Pearl’ Air Jordan 9 Low along with a Sample high top version which never released.

Utilizing White leather across the upper while Midnight Navy lands on the patent leather overlay, midsole, eyelets, around the collar and liner. Finishing the look is University Blue accents.

Air Jordan 9 UNC All-Star University Blue Midnight Navy Release Date

Expect the Air Jordan 9 ‘UNC’ to release at select Jordan Brand retailers and online at on February 9th. Retail price will be $190. Continue to scroll below to check out more images which will provide you with a closer look.

Air Jordan 9
Color: White/University Blue-Midnight Navy
Release Date: February 9, 2019
Style Number: 302370-145
Price: $190

Update: Nike has unveiled official images of the men’s UNC Air Jordan 9 which will release on February 9th.

Air Jordan 9 UNC 302370-145 Release Date Info

Air Jordan 9 UNC 302370-145 Release Date Info

Air Jordan 9 UNC 302370-145 Release Date Info

Air Jordan 9 UNC 302370-145 Release Date Info

Air Jordan 9 UNC 302370-145 Release Date Info

Air Jordan 9 UNC 302370-145 Release Date Info

Images Below is in GS Sizing.

Air Jordan 9 UNC All-Star University Blue Midnight Navy

Air Jordan 9 UNC All-Star University Blue Midnight Navy

Air Jordan 9 UNC All-Star University Blue Midnight Navy

Air Jordan 9 UNC All-Star University Blue Midnight Navy

Air Jordan 9 UNC All-Star University Blue Midnight Navy

Air Jordan 9 UNC All-Star University Blue Midnight Navy

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Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov Officially Suspended for UFC 229 Brawl

Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov

Ed Mulholland/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC / Getty

The Nevada State Athletic Commission has finally dropped the hammer on two of the UFC’s most popular fighters for their involvement in the brawl at UFC 229. Conor McGregor was handed a six-month ban with a $50,000 fine, while Khabib Nurmagomedov was handed a nine-month ban with a $500,000 fine, which can turn into six months if he participates in an anti-bullying campaign in Nevada. The suspensions will be backdated to the night of the fight meaning McGregor will be eligible to fight on April 6, while the UFC champ can make his return on July 6. 

The post-fight brawl came after Nurmagomedov submitted McGregor in the 4th round, and suddenly scaled the cage to confront McGregor’s camp, while McGregor was scuffling with Nurmagomedov’s camp inside of the octagon.

Following the ruling, McGregor was pretty content with the length of his suspension and even recounted the events of the night.

Although McGregor’s suspension will lift in April, he probably wasn’t going to realistically fight before then, anyway. As far as his next fight, there are a few options on the table, such as Donald Cerrone, George St-Pierre, and of course a rematch with the UFC champ. 

As for Nurmagomedov, he obviously thinks he got the short end of the stick and tweeted this following his suspension. 

In addition to the Khabib being banned, his cousin, Abubakar Nurmagomedov, and teammate, Zubaira Tukhugov, each received a one-year suspension and $25,000 fine for their involvement in the brawl. 

The Russian’s next fight is not confirmed, but his manager Ali Abdelaziz said he’s targeting a November return at MSG.

Although neither fighter has a confirmed next fight, UFC 229 was the UFC’s highest-selling pay-per-view, so don’t be surprised if these two will be knuckling-up again in the near future.


Pro Sports Nutritionist Breaks Down Tom Brady’s Crazy Diet

Tom Brady's crazy diet

Kevin C. Cox / Getty

Super Bowl LIII at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Sunday, February 3, will mark the third straight and ninth overall trip to the Super Bowl in Tom Brady’s illustrious career, as he tries to lead the New England Patriots to their sixth championship.

It’s hard to fathom how Brady has been able to remain at the top of his game at 41 years old and with 19 grueling NFL seasons under his belt—though the future Hall of Famer will certainly point to his clean diet as part of the reason why. Eighty percent of Brady’s diet has him consuming vegetables; the other 20 percent consists of lean meats. Plus, an outrageous amount of water, as in anywhere from 12 to 25 glasses per day. (How many trips to the bathroom is that?) And that’s only the beginning of how shrewd Brady is when it comes to his meal plans and overall intake.

Brady outlined some of the keys to his career longevity in his 2017 book The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance. Even the quarterback’s chef diet went on record to explain his offbeat diet.

We wanted to take it a step further, so we consulted Marie Spano, M.S., R.D., C.S.C.S., sports nutritionist for the Atlanta Hawks, to break down several facets of Brady’s diet to learn if there’s anything really to it or if it’s all in his head. Here’s what she said.

Brady Drinks 12 to 25 Glasses of Water Per Day

For an athlete, he’s within the range. One thing athletes do is they’ll consume enough water, but don’t consume enough electrolytes, so they dilute their blood-sodium and either cramp or feel fatigued. The average man needs 15.5 cups per day—typically 80 percent of that comes from fluid and the rest comes from food—so for the average guy, 12 to 20 is on the mark, especially if they exercise.


“Eat Fruits Alone,” Brady Writes in His Book

There’s no scientific benefit for doing that—at all. They do digest quickly, but it’s also the amount of food, like if you’re having just an apple, not five or six apples, which will slow digestion. Some people don’t like to feel a lot of food in their gut, or they feel they’ll consume small amounts of foods at a time and they’ll stick to these foods. He could be one of these people.

No Nightshades (Tomatoes, Eggplants, Peppers, etc.)

He’s staying away from nightshades. For most people, they’re not going to cause any issues; however, for someone with certain autoimmune diseases, nightshades could be problematic. Also, for those people who have food sensitivities to certain components of nightshades, they could have adverse reactions. Bottom line: for most people, they’re fine. For some people with autoimmune diseases, they can cause gut issues, gut inflammation, etc.

Don’t mix proteins and carbs

There’s no science to support this. Maybe he notices he feels better, or maybe it’s a placebo effect, but there’s no science that supports not mixing carbohydrates and protein together. When it comes to being an athlete, consuming both after exercise is a great idea. You replace your carbohydrate intake and you also provide the building blocks to build and repair new tissue in muscle.

Organic Foods Only

There’s no known difference as far as athletic performance from eating organic vs. conventional food.

No Coffee — Yes, Brady Insists He’s Never Even Sipped Coffee

Some people are caffeine sensitive. If the people are slow metabolizers of caffeine, research of endurance athletes show that they may actually have worse performances if they have caffeine ahead of time before exercise. People who are fast metabolizers of caffeine benefit from it. In my experience, athletes just basically feel it. They intuitively know that ‘caffeine works for me’ or ‘I don’t like caffeine.’


No Dairy

Unless you’re lactose intolerant or you have a sensitivity to dairy, there’s no reason to stay away from dairy. There’s a lot of myths about staying away from dairy. People like elimination diets because they feel better like, ‘OK, I got rid of this and this.’ It’s conceptually easy. What’s harder is paying attention to general calorie intake or looking at your macronutrient diet. That involves more steps.

No Iodized Salt

Some people who stay away from salt can have thyroid problems, because they don’t have enough iodine in their diet. I don’t know why he’d stay away from that.

Bottom Line

I’d say he has a healthier diet than the majority of people. He eats a heck of a lot of vegetables, he eats lean meats and fish, he drinks plenty of water. He has an overall healthy diet. Despite the fact that some of the things he does aren’t based on science, his diet is healthy. One thing I’ve seen, athletes who are in the game—whatever game it is—for a longer period of time, eat a healthier diet. From what I’ve seen, to stay in the game — and football is a very tough game, so it’s hard on the body — you’ve got to eat a healthy diet for that career longevity.


How Much of a Pro Bodybuilder’s Success Is Dependent on Steroids?

steroid use among bodybuilders

Simon Hausberger / Getty

Ever take a look at a professional bodybuilding competition and wonder how many of the participants are using steroids? Curious to get some answers? We posed the question to Dr. Thomas O’Connor, MD, an internal medicine physician, wondering just how prevalent steroid use is within the pro bodybuilding circuit and how much they use compared to the average gym rat that dabbles in it.

The response that O’Connor, aka the “Metabolic Doc,” provided is staggering. “The professional bodybuilders, yes, they do use up to 10 times the dose [of steroids] that a recreational man … who’s in the gym,” O’Connor estimates. “The professionals do take it to a very high level.”

O’Connor, a longtime participant and surveyor of the pro bodybuilding landscape, also used patient feedback—many of them current and former bodybuilders—in his estimate. He even took his estimation a step further by explaining how bodybuilders might cycle steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs. “There’s a bulking phase and cutting phase,” O’Connor says. “[Bodybuilders] blast and cruise. They’ll blast for eight to 12 weeks very heavy before shows. The cruising happens after the show. They won’t come off; they’ll lower the dosage, and they’ll cruise.”


Anabolic steroid use or just plain genetics

Simon Hausberger / Getty

Clean Build of Health

That’s not to say that these drugs are the only key to their success. O’Connor says that any top pro bodybuilder must possess great genetics. “I’ve been involved in this underground steroid bodybuilding, powerlifting world of performance-enhancing drugs for over 20 years,” he says. “The top professional bodybuilders, every single one, they have great genetics. You can’t give steroids to me and you. You can’t just say, ‘I’m gonna take drugs and have a professional body.’ I want to make that clear. These guys are genetic masterpieces.”

The issue with that, however, comes with these “genetic masterpieces” extending their blasting period to an all-year affair—either ingesting steroids in pill form or relying on injections (intramuscular steroids) daily—to endure the rigors of the competitions and the subsequent endorsement deals with supplement companies that often follow. They need to look their best all year round.

The “New” Golden Era

While O’Connor suggests that pro bodybuilders are taking steroids at a much higher rate than non-competitive lifters, he says that steroids aren’t the only performance-enhancing drugs being abused by pros and average Joes. “It’s not just steroids. It’s insulin, human growth hormone (HGH), clenbuterol, diuretics,” he says. “I would say the Golden Era in the 1970s, they didn’t use very much. Now, they’re doing upward of tenfold. The drug use now is off the chart on the recreational guy and the pros.”

To further drive his point home about how severe this current climate is, O’Connor says Arnold Schwarzenegger, who admitted to using steroids, “used nothing” in comparison to today’s bodybuilders. “He was a church boy—that’s why he’s still alive,” O’Connor says. “I’m telling you, this is an epidemic.”


WWE Champion Daniel Bryan Unveils Sustainable Hemp-Based Belt

When reigning champ Daniel Bryan vowed to “change the climate” of SmackDown Live, he was being very literal. At this week’s SmackDown Live, Bryan debuted a hemp-based WWE championship belt. Yes, you read that correctly: the belt is made of hemp.

After revealing his new vegan championship, Bryan threw the belt in a trashcan.

Bryan said at the event, “”A victory for me is a victory for every sentient being on earth because… I am the planet’s champion!”

The old WWE championship belts were made from leather, while this new belt is made of 100 percent sustainable organic hemp and carved from a naturally-fallen oak, according to the BBC.

This move from Bryan should come as no surprise. An outspoken environmental advocate, Bryan recently tweeted against Chase Field’s newest burger inspired by the Royal Rumble.

Fans and commentators, online, jumped to Bryan’s defense and supported his eco-conscious vision for the WWE across Twitter.


Daniel Bryan will have to defend his new hemp belt against WWE superstars inside the Elimination Chamber, and the last fighter standing will be the reigning WWE champ.


Top 10 Cutting Supplements for 2019

Top 10 Cutting Supplements for 2019

Courtesy Strong Supplements

With bulking season coming to an end, we have worked tirelessly to bring you The Top 10 Cutting Supplements for 2019 to prepare you for the Season of Shred. The past two years have seen relatively few newcomers come to the table with as much promise as True Shred from Hard Rock Supplements, which captured and maintained the number two spot not long after coming on the market last year. Users continue to report solid results from this first of a kind cutter, which is based on a hybrid technology of natural anabolics, 7-keto and a powerful estrogen blocker. True Shred’s key value driver is that it does not require post-cycle or on-cycle support, thus helping to deliver top tier results at a much lower price point. As exciting as True Shred’s rise is, the top spot still belongs to Androvar, although it just beat out the new comer by the narrowest margin in its 4 years as reigning champ. The tried and true traditional cutter is still repurchased by more customers than any other cutting supplement on the market.

Once again, the customers have spoken, the numbers have been tallied and without further ado…
It is our pleasure to present to you the Top 10 Cutting Supplements for 2019

1- Androvar by Hard Rock Supplements

Androvar takes the #1 spot for the 3rd consecutive year as customers have reported it to deliver the holy grail of fitness – fat loss while building lean hard muscle. Standing out from the pack, Androvar offers users up to an 8 week supply (180 capsules) in one bottle giving them full freedom when it comes to how aggressive they would like to dose their cycle.

2- True Shred by Hard Rock Supplements

True Shred exploded onto the scene in early 2018 as the first-ever hybrid cutting agent, utilizing a massive natural anabolic stack, 7-keto, and an aromatase inhibitor (no prohormones) to support users in building a lean, hard, and chiseled physique. An overloaded formula that equates to roughly 5 products in 1 that requires no on-cycle/post cycle therapy which commonly associated with more hardcore cycles. True Shred has been taking the market by storm and may very well end up taking the crown from its big brother Androvar in time. For those looking to run a cutting cycle that is low cost and less taxing on the body, True Shred is your go to option.

3- Anabolic Trinity by Hard Rock Supplements

Anabolic Trinity combines 3 potent anabolic agents for building lean mass, strength and improving muscle definition. Hard Rock Supplements designed this supplement to be the next level beyond Androvar. Due to its potency it is strictly intended to be used by advanced anabolic users. Feedback has been very strong on Anabolic Trinity, and even with its potency there have been few reported side effects.

4- R-Andro Shred by Hard Rock Supplements

R-Andro Shred has quietly been growing in popularity and the key to that all is its ingredients, utilizing a double stack of cutting agents that still remains unique to only R-Andro Shred with overwhelming positive feedback coming in. Users are reporting improvements in lean muscle mass, muscle fullness, vascularity, water loss, and fat loss; all the effects one would desire when it comes to looking your best when your shirt comes off.

5- Epi 2.0 by Vital Labs

Epi 2.0 comes in as the highest rated natural cutting agent and is ideal for those looking to avoid the risk of side effects. Many users have reported that Epi 2.0 really peaks in weeks 5 and 6, suggesting that users may want to run 2 bottles back to back. If you want to keep your hormones balanced sculpting your physique, Epi 2.0 is your go to.

6- Nano Genin by Assault Nano Series

A product of Assault Labs Nano Absorb Technology, Nano Genin is up to 600% more effective than capsule versions of other Laxogenin products. The new technology creates a nano sized particles of the compound which in turn get more of the ingredient into your system faster and for a longer period. Customers are responding giving the product high marks as well as loggers reporting very strong muscle gains and fat loss. Not all products can be made using the Nano Absorb Technology, but Laxogenin is particularly well suited to take full advantage. Over time customers have accelerated their re-buys of Nano Genin and the amount of positive reviews grew in at the same rate.

7- AndroHard by MuscleGelz

AndroHard cracks this year’s Top 10 with an Epiandrosterone-based transdermal prohormone. This is the first supplement of its kind and user’s are loving how the technology allows them to feel the effects much quicker than pill versions of the compound. AndroHard stands out for helping users to quickly tap into an alpha-male type aggression to improve workouts while supporting muscle hardness, fat loss, and increased vascularity.

8- Exotherm by Black Lion Research

Arguably one of the most unique products in the top 10 this year, Exotherm is both an estrogen reducer and fat burner delivered with a transdermal delivery system. Users have reported its strength to be on par with products that are no longer legal, helping them to produce much drier, and leaner physiques while holding less water weight.

9- Testoshred by EPG

Another unique addition to this year’s Top 10, Testoshred is both a cutting agent and a testosterone booster utilizing 3 proven test boosting ingredients. User’s have been reporting increased muscle hardness and fat loss while maintaining a healthy libido – a combination we don’t often see.

10- Sup3r-7 by Olympus LabsG

Sup3r-7 is a specialist in terms of increasing metabolism and using fat for fuel and is commonly used when looking to recomp one’s physique. It’s non-hormonal making it ideal for both men and women.

This content is supplied and sponsored by This list was generated and created by Strong Supplement Shop. For more information, visit

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Drink Up! Satisfy Your Thirst Through Speed, Agility and Quickness Circuits

Fitness coach Flex Cabral pits Isopure against one of his most intense workouts.

Flex Cabral Isopure Workout

Cardio workouts don’t have to mean slogging away on a treadmill or stationary bike for hours. Brooklyn-based fitness coach, Isopure athlete, and founder of Trooper Fitness, Flex Cabral, designed this intense circuit workout to kick the dust off your boring cardio routine. This high-intensity workout uses functional, dynamic movement to keep your body guessing and your heart rate up. 

But how do you stay cool and hydrated during a workout this intense? Flex tests out Isopure Infusions, the company’s latest protein powder innovation, to see how well it holds up against one of his most grueling routines. 

Flex Cabral’s High-Intensity Agility-Boosting Workout

Flex designed this workout specifically as a cure for your “lame treadmill run.” These four circuits require flexibility, coordination, and dynamic movement to boost your athleticism, agility, endurance, metabolism—you name it. A treadmill doesn’t stand a chance. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart. 

  • Circuit 1: Squat Jump, Agility Ladder Two-In/Two-Out, Lateral High Knees
  • Circuit 2: Cross Tuck Jump, Agility Ladder Ickey Shuffle, Skier Jump
  • Circuit 3: Lateral Bound Jump, Linear High Knees
  • Circuit 4: Plyo Split Lunge, Agility Ladder Salsa Step

Get Flex’s complete Ultimate Agility-Boosting Workout >>

Drinking a protein powder concoction intra-workout may not sound very typical, but Infusions isn’t any typical milkshake-like protein powder. It’s a new, light, and refreshing—figuratively and literally—take on the most classic of muscle-building supplements. How did Isopure Infusions hold up against Flex’s grueling routine? Check it out.

More About Isopure Infusions

Fueling your workouts is essential, but many protein powders are heavy, chalky, and the last thing you want to drink throughout a dynamic training session. Isopure, the makers of Zero Carb protein powder and Zero Carb RTD, have the solution with their new Isopure Infusions protein powder. This light, fruity protein mix is a refreshing alternative to thick, milky protein shakes. But it still packs a powerful punch with 20 grams of protein from 100% rBST-free whey protein isolate and four grams of BCAAs per serving. Plus it has no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners and is gluten and lactose free. 

There are five delicious flavors to choose from—citrus lemonade, mango lime, mixed berry, pineapple orange banana, and tropical punch—and each scoop has only 90 calories. See for yourself how your workout can benefit from a protein boost without the heavy, full feeling. Get Isopure Infusions >>

These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Sponsored by Isopure. Visit

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Kendall Jenner Masters Courtside Style in See-Through Yeezy Mules

Kendall Jenner’s been going to a lot of basketball games lately in support of boyfriend Ben Simmons — and she’s gotten really good at courtside dressing as a result.

The 23-year-old sported a fashion-forward look to watch Simmons and the Philadelphia 76ers take on the Los Angeles Lakers at L.A.’s Staples Center last night.

Kendall Jenner, yeezy, la lakers, celebrity style, philadelphia 76ers, ben simmons

Kendall Jenner wears clear Yeezy mules while sitting courtside at the Jan. 29 L.A. Lakers game.
CREDIT: Splash News

Jenner was clad in a sporty white T-shirt and casual black pants with red stitching.

For footwear, she selected see-through Yeezy mules from the brand’s Season 7 collection. Designed by Jenner’s brother-in-law Kanye West, Yeezy is a staple of the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s wardrobe. The supermodel’s chic pumps feature a clear PVC upper — perfect for showing off her blood-red pedicure — with a black leather sole and a 4.5-inch heel.

Kendall Jenner, yeezy, mules, high heels, lakers, 76ers, feet

A closer look at Kendall Jenner’s see-through Yeezy mules.
CREDIT: Splash News

The reality star completed her ensemble with gold snake earrings.

Mila Kunis, also at the game, sat alongside husband Ashton Kutcher in a comfy, oversize gray T-shirt and skinny jeans. Worn-in white Converse sneakers finished her casual outfit.

Sitting by his wife’s side, Kutcher wore black rolled-up jeans, a black V-neck top, a tan tweed blazer and red-laced chukkas. He accessorized the look with a tan Dodgers cap.

ashton kutcher, mila kunis, converse sneakers, courtside, la lakers

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis sit courtside at the Jan. 29 Lakers game.
CREDIT: Splash News

Elsewhere, “Bohemian Rhapsody” co-stars Lucy Boynton and Rami Malek cozied up in matching black outfits.

Boynton was clad in a long-sleeved shirt with the drawing of a lion on it, which she teamed with skinny pants and all-black creepers.

Malek sported a black zip-up jacket with black-and-white striping at the cuffs and rolled-up black trousers. The “Mr. Robot” actor finished his luxe look with edgy black leather combat boots.

Lucy Boynton, Rami Malek, LA LAkers, staples center, celebrity couple

Lucy Boynton whispers to boyfriend Rami Malek at the Jan. 29 Lakers game.
CREDIT: Splash News

Click through the gallery to see Kendall Jenner’s best street-style looks.

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Cardi B Takes Courtside Fashion to a New Level in a Chanel Suit and Louboutins

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Luxury Fashion Spending Online Is on the Rise — And Almost Half of It Is on Footwear

While big-ticket handbags may be the traditional luxury purchase, shoes are where the real money is for high-end online retailers.

According to The NPD Group’s latest U.S. Luxury E-commerce Report, footwear accounts for nearly half of all luxury fashion dollars spent online, with the remaining share divided between apparel and accessories. Shoe shoppers also spend more and buy more frequently: Average online luxury footwear expenditures increased 4 percent to $794 (versus $782 for accessories and $716 for apparel), and purchases frequency edged up to 1.6 times per year.

If you consider some of the most in-demand designer pieces from the past few years, the success of the footwear segment is no surprise. Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers repeatedly sold out even at upwards of $900, giving the brand enough momentum to outpace Gucci as Kering’s fastest-growing label, and the company’s socklike Speed Trainers were a hit as well. Alessandro Michele has also continued to churn-out popular styles, from classic loafers to logo pool slides.

“It’s not just about the statement bag anymore. Now, thanks to expanded accessibility, the statement shoe is also an area of focus and investment for consumers,” said Marshal Cohen, chief industry advisor at The NPD Group. “If we pay attention to what consumers are saying, these new market dynamics spell a great deal of opportunity across the entire luxury fashion market.”

The report looks at checkout e-commerce data taken from a panel of nine multibrand retailers, including department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, and online pure-play retailers such as Farfetch and Net-A-Porter, as well as their customers.

In recent years, the report found, luxury fashion sales online have increased nearly 50 percent. NPD has previously said that it expects growth in sneaker sales to continue in the double digits for several years.

“The luxury market is evolving, new brands are getting attention, and online retailer platforms are elevating the competitive landscape,” said Cohen. “The younger, multiethnic demographic that is more attracted to purchasing designer products online – even more than the average online accessories, footwear or apparel buyer – is a major contributor to this evolution.”

10 Romantic Red Shoes to Wear on Valentine’s Day

Sure, you could indulge in a full-on scarlet look for Valentine’s Day, but if you want to avoid looking like a walking Hallmark card, it’s best to incorporate pops of red below the ankle on the holiday. These 10 effortless looks will help you do just that, plus they work for practically any V-day event you may have planned — whether it’s a hot date night or a sweet celebration with friends. Below, shop our top footwear picks for ringing in the special day.

1. Seychelles Island Flat

A waved topline and sleek pointed toe add a sophisticated touch to this classic ballet flat.

Seychelles Island Flat

Seychelles Island flat
CREDIT: Zappos

2. Steve Madden Rome Dress Bootie

These kitten heel booties are so versatile, you’ll be able to wear them far beyond date night.

Steve Madden Rome Dress Bootie

Steve Madden Rome dress bootie
CREDIT: Zappos

3. Mango Vinyl Straps Sandals

Complete with on-trend clear straps, these slides are both edgy and effortless.

Mango Vinyl Straps Sandals

Mango vinyl straps sandals

4. Guess Carrie

For an unexpected twist on a classic pump, try a pair with a curved stiletto heel, like this option from Guess.

Guess Carrie

Guess Carrie
CREDIT: Zappos

5. Schutz Annalia

Pair these sexy sock booties with a slip dress and tights for a head-to-toe sultry look.

Schutz Annalia

Schutz Annalia
CREDIT: Zappos

6. Steve Madden Kenny Heeled Sandal

These ankle-tie sandals are an especially sassy pick.

Steve Madden Kenny Heeled Sandal

Steve Madden Kenny heeled sandal
CREDIT: Zappos

7. Dirty Laundry Fillmore Velvet Sneaker

If you’re not a heels kind of gal, you can still get away with wearing these sneakers without looking underdressed for more formal festivities. The rich velvet finish and ribbon laces offer a luxe effect.

Dirty Laundry Fillmore Velvet Sneaker

Dirty Laundry Fillmore velvet sneaker
CREDIT: Zappos

9. Roger Vivier I Love Vivier Heart-Shaped Leather Pumps

Another standout pump, this sleek satin pair features an adorable heart-shaped vamp and heart details in the sole.

Roger Vivier I Love Vivier satin pumps.

Roger Vivier I Love Vivier satin pumps
CREDIT: My Theresa

8. Jewel Badgley Mischka Dustine Appliqué Sandal

These stunning heels from Jewel Badgley Mischka are especially fitting for the holiday, given their rose appliqué details lining the front of the shoe.


Jewel Badgley Mischka Dustine Appliqué Sandal

Jewel Badgley Mischka Dustine appliqué sandal
CREDIT: Nordstrom

9. Ganni Sabine Suede Slingback Pumps

Whether worn with jeans or a midi skirt, these bow-embellished slingbacks will add a feminine touch to any ensemble.

Ganni Sabine Suede Slingback Pumps

Ganni Sabine suede slingback pumps
CREDIT: My Theresa

All products featured have been independently selected and curated by our editorial team. If you buy something through the links included on our site, FN may earn a commission.

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Hailey Baldwin Dons a Grandma-Chic Nude Look From Head to Toe

Hailey Baldwin loves her monochromatic looks, so it’s no wonder she was spotted out and about in the Big Apple today sporting a head-to-toe neutral-toned outfit that gave off a grandma-chic vibe.

The model, who wed Justin Bieber last year, is also known for her love of Velcro-fastened shoes, from boots to kicks. So it wasn’t surprising to see the 22-year-old model out on the town wearing Acne Studios’ trendy Steffey beige leather sneakers, which feature Velcro straps and the brand’s signature straight-faced emoji on the thick rubber sole. The style, which retails for $380, boasts a 1-inch platform and also comes in white and dusty pink.

hailey baldwin, acne studios Steffey leather sneakers

Hailey Baldwin wearing a beige sweatsuit with a plaid coat and Acne Studios Steffey beige leather sneakers.
CREDIT: Splash

Baldwin paired the chunky sneaks with a cozy-looking beige sweatsuit, which she wore with a long double-breasted beige wool plaid coat and a taupe scarf. The Tommy Hilfiger ambassador further accessorized with gold hoop earrings and sleek aviator shades by Illesteva.

hailey baldwin, acne studios Steffey leather sneakers

Hailey Baldwin spotted out and about sporting a cozy neutral-tone look in NYC Wednesday.
CREDIT: Splash

hailey baldwin, acne studios Steffey leather sneakers

A close-up look at Hailey Baldwin wearing Acne Studios Steffey beige leather velcro sneakers featuring a thick rubber sole.
CREDIT: Splash

For more of Hailey Baldwin’s style, check out 11 times she stepped out in combat boots

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Are These Pre-Game Rituals What Makes Tom Brady So Good?

There’s no doubting the fact that Tom Brady’s an NFL legend.

Brady will appear in his ninth Super Bowl on Sunday, which means he will have made more Super Bowl appearances than any other athlete.

While the Super Bowl will be at night, the NFLer has an odd ritual before 1 p.m. games. He forces his receivers to stare into the sun.

“Before 1 p.m. games on Sunday, Brady holds his throwing sessions with receivers at the exact spot on the field where the sun will be in the receivers’ eyes when they look back for the ball — and intentionally throws it to a spot that forces them to look into the sun so their eyes are used to locating the ball in such situations come game time,” the Wall Street Journal  reported in 2016.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft also has a pregame ritual with his longtime quarterback.

“I’ve had a ritual for the whole time that Tommy’s been playing where I see him right at his locker before the game and we have a little chat,” Kraft told CNBC in 2018. “I can usually look in his eyes and usually see how we’re going to do.”

As the oldest quarterback in the league, Brady takes good care of his body, placing strong emphasis on his diet and his sleep schedule.

The 41-year-old wakes up at 5:30 a.m. each morning, after going to bed at 8:30 p.m.

His diet — well-documented in his book “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance”  — is even more disciplined.

The husband of Gisele Bundchen avoids sugar, caffeine, dairy, white flour, olive oil, tomatoes, strawberries, iodized salt, mushrooms and eggplant. What does he eat, then? Mostly vegetables and lean meats.

Some fans get superstitious about Super Bowl game attire, which is understandable given that the Patriots are 3-2 in Super Bowls when they’ve sworn white jerseys.

Although Brady doesn’t buy into the theory that jersey color matters, his Patriots will be clad in white for Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams.

The NFL’s uniforms are provided by Nike, but Brady will be wearing shoes from a different brand, Under Armour. The Patriot wears the UA Spine Fierce MC-B on the field.

The Baltimore-based brand signed a multiyear deal with the quarterback in 2010. “Tom Brady represents a lot of what Under Armour is all about,” founder and CEO Kevin Plank said in a statement announcing the endorsement. “He’s humble and hungry and continues to be focused on winning and getting better every single day.”

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See Beyoncé’s Sexy Take on the Western Trend With Clear Heels

Beyoncé’s take on the Western trend might be one of our favorites to date. The superstar performer shared snaps of her look on Instagram last night, showing off an outfit with pieces courtesy of Saint Laurent.

Queen Bey modeled a black embellished Western-inspired embroidered blouse crafted from baroque lace tucked into a sexy black miniskirt with a center zipper. She accessorized with a nearly $2,000 corset folk belt decorated with leopard-print pony skin, a black suede-studded scarf and YSL’s Lily New Wave SL213 sunglasses in black.

Instagram Photo

The 37-year-old mother of three also donned silver drop earrings, several rings and a black satin bag. On her feet, she wore a pair of clear PVC pointed-toed pumps.

Earlier in the day, the “Everything is Love” artist took to Instagram to wish Oprah Winfrey a happy birthday, posting a photo of the iconic talk show host when she was young.

Instagram Photo

For an in-depth look at Beyoncé’s style through the years, check out the gallery.

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Céline Dion Wears Mom Jeans, Silver Heels and a Dramatic Jacket for L’Oréal Commercial Shoot

When it comes to fashion, Céline Dion has never been one to blend into the crowd.

As such, the French-Canadian singer went for a typically bold look today as she filmed a L’Oréal commercial on the streets of Paris.

Dion stepped out in a glamorous sequin-covered jacket, which she wore over a fitted white T-shirt and baggy denimlike pants that cinched at the waist.

 Céline Dion, heels, paris, l'oreal

Céline Dion wears a sparkly jacket with denimlike pants and silver heels while shooting a commercial on Jan. 30.
CREDIT: Splash News

The 50-year-old completed her look with metallic silver pumps that matched her jacket. The pumps featured a pointed toe and a stiletto heel.

 Céline Dion , high heels, paris, l'oreal

A closer look at Céline Dion’s footwear.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Given that she was shooting for L’Oréal, Dion’s hair and makeup were predictably glamorous. Dark eye makeup shown dramatically as her hair cascaded in soft waves around her features.

The “My Heart Will Go On” songstress then slipped on a white sweatshirt with the phrase “I’m Worth It” printed in black uppercase letters across the front. The casual, oversize look marked a departure from the over-the-top outfits Dion had been spotted in throughout Paris Haute Couture Week.

 Céline Dion , celebrity style, sweatshirt, paris , loreal

Céline Dion on set wearing a sweatshirt on Jan. 30.
CREDIT: Philippe Blet/Shutterstock

Yesterday, the chanteuse popped in a hooded yellow anorak-style dress, which she wore underneath a gray blazer with white knit detailing at the sleeves. For footwear, she chose futuristic, chunky white sneakers with gold detailing. The entire outfit was by Maison Margiela.

Céline Dion, celebrity style, yellow, sneakers

Céline Dion leaves her Paris hotel on Jan. 29.
CREDIT: Cyril Pecquenard/Shutterstock

Dion pulled together the outfit with dark sunglasses and some gold-tone jewelry.

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Demi Moore Is Pantless at Sundance in a Long White Shirt and the Cutest Chloé Boots

Demi Moore turned heads last night at the premiere of her new comedy-horror flick “Corporate Animals” at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

The veteran actress hit the red carpet sans pants, sporting a chic white layered shirt dress by Stella McCartney featuring gold studs at the collar. Moore also showed off a gray plaid coat from the British designer, who dressed her for Princess Eugenie’s wedding last fall.

sundance, demi moore, stella mccartney, chloe rylee boots

Demi Moore attends the premiere of “Corporate Animals” Tuesday night at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

On her feet, the 56-year-old mother of three opted for Chloé’s dark brown leather Rylee mid-height boots. The style, which is currently marked 60 percent off on, boasts a lace-up silhouette, a pointed black rubber toe and a chunky, nearly 4-inch block heel. Moore further accessorized her ensemble with a black Christian Louboutin clutch bag.

demi moore, Rylee Medium boots, stella mccartney

Demi Moore wearing a dress and coat by Stella McCartney with Chloé Rylee Medium boots.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

demi moore, chloe rylee medium boots

A close-up look at Demi Moore wearing Chloé Rylee brown leather mid-height boots with block heels.
CREDIT: Shutterstock

See more celebrities who love the no-pants trend.

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What Alibaba’s Earnings Report Says About the Health of The Chinese Market

Alibaba has grown at a breakneck pace since it was founded 20 years ago, establishing itself as the largest e-commerce company not just in China, but in the world. Its latest results, though, reflect the cooling economy in its home country, which earlier this month reported GDP growth of 6.6 percent in 2018, the slowest pace since 1990.

To be sure, Alibaba’s revenues are still eye-popping by most standards: revenue for the quarter ended Dec. 31, 2018 was 117.28 billion yuan (US$17.06 billion), an increase of 41 percent over the same period in 2018. Its core commerce revenues rose 40 percent 102.84 billion yuan ($14.95 billion). Still, this was the slowest growth it has seen since early 2016, stoking concerns about the potential impact of the U.S.-China trade war and more cautious spending overall.

The company reassured investors, though, beating expectations on adjusted earnings per share, which grew 15 percent year-over-year to 12.19 yuan ($1.77), and net income, which rose 33 percent to 30.96 billion yuan ($4.81 billion). Alibaba’s stock was up more than 6 percent at market close on Wednesday.

On a call with investors and analysts, Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang acknowledged the external pressures of the economic climate. “The slowdown of macro might cause concerns in the market; however, what we see from Alibaba’s platforms is Chinese consumption growth is still strong,” he said.

The quarter included Alibaba’s tenth annual Singles’ Day shopping event, which this year brought in $30 billion in gross merchandise value within 24 hours. The company also added 35 million annual active customers on its retail marketplaces between Sept. 30 and the end of the year, for a total of 636 million.

In its earnings report, it highlighted the importance of new users from outside major cities, a big growth opportunity in China. “Over 70 percent of the increase in annual active consumers was from third- and lower-tier cities, demonstrating the success of our initiatives to cater to a broader base of users through simpler interfaces for first-time or less frequent users,” it said.

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