This A-List Celeb’s New Fashion Line Is Already Selling Out

It’s perhaps not uncommon when you hear that a major celebrity has launched a fashion line all their own. However, you’re less likely to assume that a regular member of the A-list has trouble finding what they want in the market, especially with their level of access. That’s essentially the story of how Rooney Mara launched Hiraeth.

The line of clothing and shoes which launched earlier this month is a project inspired by Mara’s own vegan lifestyle. “I have been vegan for about seven years now, and when I decided to also transition my wardrobe into being vegan I found there was a real lack of options of higher quality pieces,” she tells us. Hiraeth—a Welsh word that translates roughly to the feeling of homesickness—is the result of Mara taking matters into her own hands, along with her business partners and friends, Sara Schloat and Chrys Wong.

With a collection that’s dedicated to being entirely animal-product free, Hiraeth not only impressed shoppers with its elegant, elevated designs when it released in Barneys New York this month, it’s also already sold out. Thankfully there’s more to come from this slow fashion line, and below we got the scoop from Hiraeth’s three leaders on the brand’s point of view and what we can expect next.

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