10 Gorgeous Fall Outfits Because the End of Summer Is Hard

I know, I know—summer’s end sucks. No more Summer Fridays, no more lazy beach days, and no more sundresses. While everything about summer brings a smile to your face, there are a few fall things I think will bring you an equal amount of joy if you let them. Beyond the obvious pumpkin spice lattes, falling of the leaves, and succession of holidays to come, the fashion that comes along in the fall season is notably more interesting than summer’s, if you ask me.

Thanks to the drop in temperatures, you have the opportunity to get more creative with your fall outfits, via layering, coat stacking, and more. To prove to you that the coming of fall isn’t the equivalent of the world ending, I have picked out 10 fall outfit ideas that will actually get you excited for what this next season has in store. Between the animal-print sweaters and shiny statement coats, I honestly don’t see what’s not to love.

Animal print is all the rage for fall 2018, but we’re loving how this outfit takes the trend to the next level via vibrant colors. 
Available in sizes 0 to 12.
Those chain belts you’ve been wearing over your swimsuits all summer? Put them over an oversize jacket and pair the look with plaid pants and hot-pink pumps because, apparently, they go with anything. 
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Dress up your slip dress with a structured coat and sleek ankle boots. To be honest, this look could very easily become your new go-to fall outfit formula.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Freshen up your turtleneck styling techniques by layering a bold-colored one underneath something a little more muted, like this khaki blazer-and-pant situation. Matching your boots to your knitwear is also an outfit hack we’re copying for fall.
You guessed it: A statement coat is all you need to make any fall outfit a memorable one. 
Available in sizes 0 to 10.
Take your track pants from the gym to the streets by layering a silky outerwear piece on top. Statement accessories like a straw tote bag and stark white sneakers add that fashion-girl touch.
Available in sizes XXS to XL.
Another huge trend for fall 2018 is scarf prints. We love how it looks when you double down on the style, as seen above.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Spruce up your denim this season by way of a bold outerwear moment accompanied by accessories that really pop.
Available in sizes 00 to 22.
We’re curious to see if tights come back this season, because last year, stockings in any colorway and even print were quite the hype. But if you’re against the hosiery trend, just buy some new white pumps instead. Because yes, they are still cool.
If you haven’t invested in a suit just yet, this fall is the time to do it. Clearly, the only other items you’ll need are a white T-shirt and chunky sneakers. 
Available in sizes 36 to 48.

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