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Boston one night stand

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Boston one night stand

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It has over 26, likes and shares on Facebook, and I was suddenly on the radar of journos and people all over the world. You weren't even supposed to open stanc door unless it was for a cop.

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Had you ever written about something like this before? Like, that one time?

I don't get laid all that much. The whole city was locked down.

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What about the sex? Taxis were suspended. What about those comments and feedback on the article? Was it really a one-night stand? So I figured the best person to grill me or perhaps the worst would be my bpston girlfriend of about eight months.

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Probably that, too. What happened with the girl? Shit's hitting the fan, I thought. Which was a relief. So here I am. Okay, well was it at least the first time?

The one night stand while boston was in lockdown!

Which was? What did my mom think? Public transit shuttered. Apparently writing tawdry tales of sex and drunken buffoonery at just the right time is the key to online publishing success.

My head is pounding. May as well. Why did you choose to write it?

Welcome to reddit,

Didn't you just take me to the Warren Tavern in Charlestown the other night to syand your dad? How big did it get the article, that is?

It seemed to be the pressing question hailing from the ether of the internet, with comments on the article ranging from me being championed as a brilliant writer distilling the day and week of horror into a satisfying comic romp of awkward, easy-to-relate reality, to me being reduced to some kind of fratty douchebag the next minute note: I've never been in a fratand a ton of How I Met Your Nighht jokes in between which were entirely fitting, Nighr must say.

Yes, for sure.

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And I'm sitting at her kitchen table writing this on her computer. Has being the guy behind the "one-night stand article" ever helped you get laid with a woman afterward?

Then no. To come over. I was trapped. A lot of dreading a moment like this would eventually occur. And so on. I remember saying something like "blarphgmchp" out loud, which in my head sounded like "Good lord friends, this week has really been a doozie, what?

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Armored vehicles were roaming the streets. Next, some half-awake hanky-panky. Alright, let's get into it. First, work. Or that you happened to boston one night stand the one silly tale people needed to read after the worst week in Boston history since the Revolution. Provisions secured, we hiked back up the hill to her place, whereupon she reminded me that last night I had apparently forgotten where her apartment was and attempted to locate her by literally yelling her name in the street.